Paving the way for a digital future

Practically all areas of research today require the creation, storage and sharing of reams of complex data. Over the last 20 years, Canada has developed a Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) ecosystem that includes a world-class, national, high-speed backbone network and a range of advanced research computing resources that are accessed by researchers across the country. To meet the changing needs of these researchers while keeping up with the accelerating pace of technological change, Canada needs a DRI ecosystem with strong leadership and a clear mandate. 


Developing a digital research infrastructure strategy for Canada: the CFI perspective
To ensure Canada has a high-performing DRI ecosystem, the CFI envisions an integrated system that promotes greater coordination and alignment among individual components and actors. Read the report (PDF).


Cyberinfrastructure Initiative
Advanced research computing infrastructure and the accompanying human and capital resources are called cyberinfrastructure. Cyberinfrastructure is required to support and catalyze many of today’s research endeavours. It underpins leading-edge research, from the social sciences and humanities to the health and physical sciences through to engineering. Our Cyberinfrastructure Initiative aims to enhance the capacity of Canadian institutions and researchers to conduct leading-edge research in areas of demonstrated strength. It does this by supporting the infrastructure needs of computationally- and data-intensive research.

Find out more about our Cyberinfrastructure Initiative.


Advanced research computing platform receives $30-million boost
University of Waterloo one of four centres anchoring new Cyberinfrastructure Initiative. Read the press release.


Where business finds research: The CFI Research Facilities Navigator is a searchable directory of research labs and facilities in universities, colleges and research hospitals across Canada that are open to working with business. Research Facilities Navigator: Where business finds research.


Bartha Maria Knoppers speaks at the CFI’s 2015 annual public meeting
The Canada Research Chair in Law and Medicine from McGill University speaks on “Defining the human right to benefit from scientific progress: big data and the responsible sharing of genomic and health-related data.” Read a story about Bartha Knoppers’ research.

Watch Part 1 of Dr. Knoppers’ address at the CFI annual public meeting (30:30 minutes)

Watch Part 2 of Dr. Knoppers’ address at the CFI annual public meeting (15:37 minutes)