Six Members Appointed To The Canada Foundation For Innovation

July 31, 1997

OTTAWA, July 31, 1997 - Industry Minister John Manley today announced the appointment of the first group of members to the Canada Foundation for Innovation. These six prominent Canadians are Dr. Martha Piper, Dr. Peter J. Nicholson, Dr. Angus A. Bruneau, Dr. Gilles Cloutier, Ms.Dorothy J. Lamont and Mr. Robert Giroux. Dr. John Evans was appointed Chair of the Foundation in February 1997. 

The Canada Foundation for Innovation represents an entirely new approach by the government to supporting innovation and research. As announced in the 1997 Budget, the new independent organization will operate at arm's length from government, and its full complement of 15 members and 15 directors will be drawn from the research community and the private sector. The Foundation will provide financial support for the modernization of research infrastructure at Canadian post-secondary educational institutions and research hospitals in the areas of health, environment, science and engineering. 

"In the new economy, knowledge is key to job creation and prosperity," stated Mr. Manley. "We want to enhance the capacity of Canadians to carry out and exploit leading-edge research in our country, and to prepare our young people to take their place in the increasingly technology-oriented workforce." 

On July 2, 1997, the Federal Government made an investment of $800 million in the CFI, which will allow it to provide about $180 million on average annually over the next five years. Through partnerships, the Foundation has the potential to trigger up to $2 billion in investments in research infrastructure. The remaining nine members of the CFI will be elected by the six members announced today, and together, the 15 members will elect eight directors of the Foundation. The remaining six directors will be appointed by the Government of Canada. Dr. Evans, Chair of the Foundation, also serves as a director.