Researchers at Canadian universities to receive $12.1 million in infrastructure funding

March 13, 2001

Ottawa, March 13, 2001…Dr. David Strangway, President and CEO of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) today announced an investment of $12.1 million to provide world-class research facilities for researchers at 23 Canadian universities.

"This funding is aimed at ensuring that Canadian researchers have access to world-class facilities, and that they receive the support they need to compete globally in the knowledge-based economy," said Dr. Strangway. "The CFI's goal is to strengthen Canada's university research and training environment through partnerships with the research institutions, the provinces, other levels of government, as well as the private and voluntary sectors."

"Today's announcement by the Canada Foundation for Innovation recognizes the outstanding contribution of researchers whose work will be of direct benefit to Canadians in a wide range of fields, added the Honourable Brian Tobin, Minister of Industry. "By investing in organizations such as the CFI, the Government of Canada is fully engaged in making Canada one of the most innovative societies in the world."

Under the New Opportunities Fund, the CFI Board of Directors approved an investment of $11.1 million to support 67 projects. The projects will enable 86 new researchers in Canadian universities to have access to a wide range of advanced equipment and installations, including: 

  • a preventive medicine facility at the University of British Columbia that will enable a multidisciplinary approach to bone health research in the elderly;
  • a research and development facility at the University of Manitoba for the renewal of public infrastructure in Northern regions;
  • a centre at the University of Western Ontario for recycling industrial and mining waste in construction materials;
  • a plant molecular biology and genomics lab at the University of Sherbrooke to study renewable resource production and technology; and
  • equipment at Dalhousie University to study the proteins involved in the transport of hormones and drugs in the human body.

The CFI also announced investments under two other programs: an investment of $619,783 to provide infrastructure support to four new Canada Research Chairs holders at McGill University (2), Laval University (1) and the University of Western Ontario (1); and an investment of $355,887 under the CFI's University Research Development Fund to support one project at Ryerson Polytechnic University.

The CFI is an independent, not-for-profit corporation established by the Government of Canada in 1997 to address an urgent need of Canada's research community: new, state-of-the-art research infrastructure. It covers 40% of the eligible costs of projects, with the remaining 60% coming from the research institutions and their funding partners from the public, private, and voluntary sectors.

The Foundation has been entrusted with a capital investment budget of $3.15 billion.

The list of approved projects and of funds approved by the CFI follows.

You can obtain a cumulative list of projects approved by the CFI to date here.

Canada Foundation for Innovation /
Fondation canadienne pour l’innovation

New Opportunities Fund / Fonds de relève

Institution / Établissement Projects Approved / Projets appuyés
Carleton University 2
Dalhousie University 4
Lakehead University 1
Laurentian University 3
McGill University 4
McMaster University 3
Queen's University 3
Université de Montréal 3
Université de Sherbrooke 1
Université du Québec - École de technologie supérieure 1
Université Laval 3
University of British Columbia 7
University of Calgary 2
University of Guelph 3
University of Manitoba 4
University of Ottawa 2
University of Saskatchewan 7
University of Toronto 4
University of Victoria 1
University of Waterloo 4
University of Western Ontario 1
University of Windsor 2
York University 2

Canada Research Chairs /
Programme de Chaires de recherche du Canada

Institution / Établissement Projects Approved / Projets appuyés
Université Laval 1
McGill University 2
University of Western Ontario 1

University Research Development Fund /
Fonds de développement de la recherche universitaire

Institution / Établissement Project Approved / Projet appuyé
Ryerson Polytechnic University 1

Canada Foundation for Innovation /
Fondation canadienne pour l’innovation

List of approved projects by institution /
Liste des projets appuyés par établissement

New Opportunities Funds / Fonds de relève    

  Institution / Établissement     Maximum CFI Contribution / Contribution maximale de la FCI     Project title / Titre du projet
Carleton University $62,400 Analytical Equipment for Aeroelastic and Aeroacoustic Research on Limit-Cycle, Buffeting and Impulsive Noise Involving Separated Flow
$181,652 The Carleton University CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work) Laboratory
Dalhousie University $116,546 Laboratory Infrastructure for the Study of Lysosomal Proteins Involved in the Transport of Drugs and Hormones
$191,920 Molecular Mechanisms of Microbial-induced Inflammation: A Role of Mast Cells
$74,361 Cell mechanics and plasticity: Micromechanical stimulation and measurement of cell rheology coupled with immunofluorescence imaging of cytoskeletal remodelling
$191,636 Novel Approaches to Mechanosensation
Lakehead University $110,927 Industrial Waste Management/Utilization Laboratory
Laurentian University $55,000 Environmental and Radiochemical Analysis Facility
$60,000 Applications of Electron Backscattered Diffraction and Orientation Contrast Imaging in Geology
$85,000 Analytical Facility for the Environmental Sciences
McGill University $160,092 A level 3 containment laboratory for the study of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
$150,000 Research Laboratory in Mammalian Ecology and Conservation
$200,000 Low temperature research facility for the study of electronic properties in nanostructures and the realization of a solid state quantum computer
$117,822 2 – Shock Compression of Condensed Matter Laboratory
McMaster University $235,899 Climate Change Research: Offsetting carbon dioxide emissions by afforestation to improve environmental quality
$118,788 Computing Infrastructure for Theoretical Soft Matter Physics
$161,281 Research Facility for Fungal Genomics and Population Biology
Queen's University $130,000 Development of a Microfluidic Research Facility
$140,000 Vision Research Facility to Study the Neural Basis of Visual Behaviour
$140,000 Research Facility to Elucidate Molecular Mechanisms of Developmental Toxicity Initiated by Environmental Chemicals
Université Laval 326 944$ Expression, assemblage, encapsidation et mécanismes d'entrée virale de HTLV-I et de VHC: recherche de nouvelles cibles thérapeutiques et développement de vaccins
135 189$ Caractérisation des déterminants génétiques et métaboliques associés à la réponse aux traitements pharmacologique et nutritionnel des hyperlipidémies
$128,108 Laboratory of neurophysiology for multisite intracellular electrical and optical recordings in vivo
Université de Montréal 178 599$ Création d'un laboratoire d'études des interactions patient-infirmière
219 681$ Mécanismes de régulation de l'angiogénèse dans les maladies cardiovasculaires
151 828$ Infrastructure de capture et d'analyse d'images pour la recherche en Vision par ordinateur
Université de Sherbrooke 154 166$ Infrastructure de laboratoire de recherche en biologie et génétique moléculaire des plantes
Université du Québec - École de technologie supérieure 217 861$ Laboratoire de recherche en caractérisation et mise en forme des alliages à mémoire de forme
University of British Columbia $61,357 Social Geographies of population health, health care and human development: An infrastructure project for geographically-based empirical research
$196,320 Interdisciplinary Centre for Non-Newtonian and Complex Fluid Flow Phenomena
$101,000 BETA-Lab Computational Infrastructure - A Computing Environment for Bioinformatics and Algorithms Research
$163,141 Infrastructure for multidisciplinary bone health research in high-risk, elderly populations
$195,524 High-throughput Infrastructure for Studying Plant Disease Resistance
$146,455 Laboratory for Integrated Cellular and Molecular Plant Biology: Cell Structure in the Post-Genomic World
$146,440 Facility for Predictive Medicine and Therapeutics Research (FPMTR)
University of Calgary $131,870 Establishment of a high-performance real-time digital signal, image and video processing laboratory
$135,216 Cell Biology Infrastructure for Microbial Pathogenesis Research
University of Guelph $399,976 Tissue microdissection and analysis for animal health research
$390,139 Evolutionary significance of polyploidy in eukaryotes
$172,998 System for Targeted Gene Manipulation in Somatic Cells
University of Manitoba $104,911 Establishment of a Bioanthropology Digital Image Analysis Laboratory
$122,637 Establishment of a Laboratory for Molecular Systematic Analysis of Biodiversity
$206,026 Research and Development Facility for Renewal of Infrastructure in Northern Regions
$252,000 A Clean ICP-MS Laboratory for Trace-Element Studies
University of Ottawa $195,573 Novel inflammatory and intercellular mediators of neural cell fate: Creation of a Neural Visualization Unit (NVU) to study mechanisms of neural cell death
$209,823 Role of Glutamatergic Receptors in the Pathophysiology of Schizophrenia
University of Saskatchewan $51,930 Video-Based Behavioural Observation System for Fish Research Facility
$137,300 DNA Sequencing Laboratory
$144,000 Calcium channel structure and function in neurosecretion
$233,213 Plant Metabolism Laboratory
$160,000 Regulation of replication-independent chromatin assembly activity
$153,949 Discovering Enzyme Function: Applications in Medicine and Agriculture
$230,276 Molecular Plant Pathology Laboratory
University of Toronto $147,000 Dedicated Characterization Facility for Quantum and Disordered Materials
$48,730 Regulation of Central Synaptic Transmission by Neurotrophins and Cytokines
$227,673 High-Performance Systems-on-Chip: Design, IP Reuse, and CAD
$48,730 Upgrading the Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory for Clinically Translational Research
University of Victoria $199,457 A Research Facility for the Investigation of Interfacial Processes on Nanostructured Materials by spectroelectrochemistry and laser-based surface spectroscopy
University of Waterloo $169,141 Infrastructure for Integrated Reaction Engineering and Membrane Separation Research Applied to Pollution Control
$400,000 Facility for Fabrication and Characterization of Advanced Solid-State RF/Microwave, Sensoric, and Imaging Micro-Devices
$147,525 Molecular microbiology and bioinformatics
$154,989 High Temperature Materials Center
University of Western Ontario $127,854 Centre for Recycling Industrial and Mining Waste in Construction Materials
University of Windsor $199,679 Laboratory Infrastructure for Interdisciplinary Research on the Environmental Chemistry, Biotransformation and Endocrine Toxicology of Anthropogenic Compounds
$199,850 A Facility for the Study of Nanoscale Mineral-Bacteria-Contaminant-Water Interactions
York University $200,000 Chemical Cytometry Facility
$192,619 Stimulation of Angiogenesis by Extracellular Matrix and Mechanical Forces

Canada Research Chairs Program / 
Programme de Chaires de recherche du Canada

  Institution / Établissement   Maximum CFI Contribution / Contribution maximale de la FCI     Project title / Titre du projet
Université Laval 198 554$ Étude des impacts des habitudes alimentaires et des aliments fonctionnels et nutraceutiques sur le métabolisme des lipoprotéines sanguines et la santé cardio-vasculaire
McGill University $156,000 Nanostructured Polymer and Monomer: Synthesis and Characterization Facility
$145,083 Laboratory Infrastructure for Drosphilia Developmental genetics
University of Western Ontario $120,146 Genomics and Bioinformatics Infrastructure for the London Core Facility For Translational Genomics And Proteomics

University Research Development Fund / 
Fonds de développement de la recherche universitaire

  Institution / Établissement   Maximum CFI Contribution / Contribution maximale de la FCI     Project title / Titre du projet
Ryerson Polytechnic University $355,887 Facility for Research on Aerospace Materials & Engineered Structures (FRAMES)