Research infrastructure receives $63-million boost from the Government of Canada

New technology to detect brain injuries “on-the-spot” among innovations supported
January 8, 2014

Coaches of amateur hockey players may soon have a portable tool to quickly diagnose brain trauma at the rink, thanks to the work of Ryan D’Arcy at Simon Fraser University (SFU). D’Arcy’s lab is one of over 250 facilities in 37 universities across Canada receiving funding under the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s John R. Evans Leaders Fund.

Greg Rickford, Minister of State (Science and Technology), announced the $63-million investment today in support of cutting-edge research equipment, laboratories and tools that researchers need to make tomorrow’s breakthroughs and to improve the lives of Canadians.

From the most advanced sustainable energy research to medical technology, research conducted at CFI-funded facilities plays a vital role in communities across the country and contributes to Canada’s economic success and capacity to innovate.

Quick Facts

  • The CFI awarded $48.4 million through its John R. Evans Leaders Fund to help universities attract top research talent. In addition, $14.6 million was awarded for operating support through the CFI’s Infrastructure Operating Fund.
  • Ryan D’Arcy is a neuroscientist and leader of SFU’s NeuroTech Lab, a facility that operates in partnership with Surrey Memorial Hospital. Funding from today’s announcement will help fulfill his vision to have his portable technologies used to assess and treat major brain injuries and diseases on the sidelines, in hospitals and eventually in homes.


“Our government believes significant investments in Canadian research are essential to sparking innovation, creating economic prosperity and improving the lives of Canadians. Supporting Canada’s universities, colleges and research hospitals will bring more innovative ideas to market and strengthen our country’s economy.”

The Honourable Greg Rickford
Minister of State (Science and Technology)

Canadian institutions benefit from investments in research infrastructure which provide the tools needed to be at the forefront of innovation. The research conducted in these labs and facilities will also train a new generation of researchers which will help Canada maintain its position as a global economic leader.”

Gilles Patry
President and CEO of the CFI

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Office of the Minister of State (Science and Technology)
Mary Ann Dewey-Plante
Director of Communications

Leaders Opportunity Fund / Fonds des leaders

- Alberta
- British Columbia
- Manitoba
- New Brunswick
- Nova Scotia
- Ontario
- Quebec
- Saskatchewan

Institution / Établissement

Projects Approved / Projets appuyés

Acadia University


Carleton University


Dalhousie University


École Polytechnique de Montréal


Lakehead University


McGill University


McMaster University


Mount Allison University


Mount Saint Vincent University


Nipissing University


Queen’s University


Royal Roads University


Simon Fraser University


Trent University


Université Laval


Université de Montréal


Université de Sherbrooke


Université du Québec - Institut national de la recherche scientifique


Université du Québec à Montréal


Université du Québec à Télé-université


Université du Québec en Outaouais


University of Alberta


University of British Columbia (The)


University of Calgary


University of Guelph


University of Lethbridge


University of Manitoba


University of New Brunswick


University of Ontario Institute of Technology


University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa


University of Regina


University of Saskatchewan


University of Toronto


University of Victoria


University of Waterloo


University of Western Ontario (The)


York University


Total Institutions / des établissements                      37


Project Title / Titre du projet

Maximum CFI Contribution /
Contribution maximale
de la FCI

Acadia University

Infrastructure to Enhance the Cognitive Neuroscience of Reading and Speech Processing Lab


1 project / projet


Carleton University

Quantifying the Hidden Thaw


Regulation of Spinal Cord Excitability in Acute and Chronic Pain States


Understanding the Daily Lives of Purpose and Conscientiousness


3 projects / projets


Dalhousie University

Repurposing Pharmaceutical Agents for Cancer Therapy and Post-Oncologic Reconstruction


Physiological Ecology and Telemetry Research System for the Analysis of Migratory and Reproductive Success of Canadian Bird and Fish Species


Elucidating Mechanisms of Epithelial Drug Transport in the Eye and its Impact on Pharmacokinetics


Renewable Energy Storage Laboratory


Joint Action Research Laboratory: A Biomechanical Approach to Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation


Families Overcoming Risk and Building Opportunities for Well-Being


*NSERC-Cooke Industrial Research Chair in Sustainable Aquaculture


7 projects / projets


*Funding for Research Infrastructure Associated with a NSERC Industrial Chair
Financement de l’infrastructure liée à une Chaire industrielle du CRSNG

École Polytechnique de Montréal

Shim and Real-time Compensation System for MRI of the Human Spinal Cord

158 818 $

Laboratory for Non-Invasive Imaging and Navigation Technologies in Neurosurgery

199 825 $

Unité mobile d'essai en géothermie de basse température

225 000 $

3 projets / projects

583 643 $

Lakehead University

Laboratory for Forest Biorefinery and Biofuel Production


1 project / projet


McGill University

Action of the CCR4-NOT Complex in Mammalian Gene Silencing Networks in Normal and Cancer Cells

60 000 $

Practicable Sensing, Control, and Estimation Methods for Aerospace and Robotic Systems

50 000 $

Reliability Assessment and Maintenance Optimization of Mining Systems

50 000 $

Nonsmooth Modal Analysis of Large-Scale Structures

40 000 $


380 000 $

Exploring the Biomechanical Spectrum of Knee Osteoarthritis: From Traumatic Risk Factors to End-Stage Disease

48 000 $

Infrastructure for Research on Process Control, Modeling, and Sustainability Analysis of Additive Manufacturing

80 000 $

Reliable Embedded and distributed system Organization and Optimization Technology (REBOOT) Lab

158 223 $

New Radiochemistry Tools for Brain Imaging with PET

800 000 $

Scaling Humanities Analytics & Visualization

200 000 $

*History Visualization Lab: Forms of Conversion in Early Modern Europe

120 000 $

11 projets / projects

1 986 223 $

*Funding for Research Infrastructure Associated with SSHRC Research Support
Financement de l’infrastructure liée au soutien à la recherche du CRSH

McMaster University

Immunohistochemical Profiling of the Unfolded Protein Response in Chronic Respiratory Diseases


Atomic Force Microscopy for Force Measurements, Adhesion Studies, Nanotribology and Mechanical Testing of Cellulose Nanomaterials


Infrastructure to Support the Development of Peptide Vaccines for Peanut Allergy, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Transplant Rejection


Infrastructure to Establish an Injury Biomechanics Laboratory for Experimental and Numerical Investigations


ITRAX Core Scanner for Geoarchaeological and Paleoenvironmental Studies


Sensory Ethnography Research Laboratory


Infrastructure for Modeling Human Adipose Tissue Development in the Context of Metabolic Disorders


Software-Defined Radio Enabled Wireless Surveillance and Security


Control of Chromosome Dynamics and Genome Integrity


Infrastructure for Advanced Business Analytics: Creating and Analysing Big Data for Canadian Distribution Channels


Time and Frequency Domain Hyperspectral Imaging for Photovoltaic Applications


Multi-Axis Dynamic Simulator for Testing Operational and Functional Components and Advanced Seismic Isolation Devices


A Facility for Multi-Stressor Biology on Aquatic Organisms


Infrastructure to Support Obesity and Metabolism Research


High Content Analysis Nanoscope to Study Neurodegeneration and Discover New Compounds for Neurodegenerative Disease


*Galvanizing Simulator Upgrade for NSERC-USSC IRC


16 projects / projets


*Funding for Research Infrastructure Associated with a NSERC Industrial Chair
Financement de l’infrastructure liée à une Chaire industrielle du CRSNG

Mount Allison University

Nanotoxicology Research Facility


1 project / projet


Mount Saint Vincent University

Physiological Plant Ecology Laboratory


1 project / projet


Nipissing University

Establishment of the Nipissing University Occupational Biomechanics and Ergonomics Laboratory


Infrastructure to Establish an Exercise Physiology Laboratory and to Study and Mathematically Model the Entrainment of the Heart, Lungs, and Locomotor Muscles in Humans Exposed to Environmental Stress


Establishing a Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry Facility for Environmental Research in Northern Ontario


3 projects / projets


Queen's University

Optofluidic-Based Technology for Biomedical Diagnostics and Cell Studies


Creating QU-MOLTAH: Queen's University's MObile Laboratory for Technical Art History


The Translational Stroke Research Program


Dynamics of Coupled Wave-Current-Sediment Processes in Coastal Environments


A Tellurium Upgrade for the SNO+ Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Search


5 projects / projets


Royal Roads University

Resource +: An Integrated Model for Sustainabile Community Development in Canadian Municipalities


1 project / projet


Simon Fraser University

Advanced Nonlinear Control Laboratory for Clean Energy Technology (ANCLCET)


Infrastructure for the Development of Critical Care and Point-of-Care Neurotechnologies


Public Safety and Security secure-High Performance Computing Laboratory (sHPC Lab)


Critical Ethnography and Digital Heritage Initiative (CEDHI)


Epifluorescence Microscopy and Myography System for Studies of Neurovascular Communication and Hypertension


Human Physiology and Function in Extreme Environmental Climatic Chamber Conditions


6 projects / projets


Trent University

Innovative Sustainable Agriculture Research Laboratory


1 project / projet


Université Laval

DÉCALCQ, phase 2: Infrastructure de gestion intégrée des données, connaissances et publications scientifiques — le cas des recherches du CRILCQ sur les œuvres narratives contemporaines au Québec

58 027 $

Understanding Allograft Rejection in Kidney Transplant Recipients to Improve Long-Term Graft Outcomes

124 599 $

Time Resolved PIV System for 3D and Transient Turbulent Flow Studies

200 000 $

Développement d'une infrastructure pour l'étude des maladies infectieuses chez les primates non humains

71 751 $

Infrastructure for the Study of Growth Factor Signaling and Adipogenesis

124 290 $

Nouveaux besoins technologiques pour les Laboratoires d'archéologie de l'Université Laval

174 842 $

Using New Observation Technologies to Study Arctic Ocean Ecosystems

200 723 $

Establishment of an Infrastructure for Quantitative Proteomics of Cancer

123 047 $

Study of the Regulatory Mechanisms of Inflammation and Airway Constriction in Inflammatory Lung Disease

124 084 $

Rôle de la vitamine D dans la prévention et le traitement des maladies liées à la résistance à l'insuline

70 112 $

A Laboratory for Synthesis and Advanced Characterization of New Bio/Nano Catalysts for Energy and Waste Water Treatment

258 296 $

OSCAR: Optimisation de la Santé Cognitive des Aînés par la Recherche

198 954 $

Establishment of an Infrastructure to Define the Role of RNA-Binding Protein in Cell Migration and Adhesion

126 007 $

Identification of Novel Prognostic Biomarkers in Stem cell Transplantation and Prostate Cancer

124 815 $

Enabling Photonic Innovations for Information and Communication - Phase II

699 382 $

Development of Integrative Multigenic Molecular Imaging Methods to Detect Cancers in Vivo and in Vitro

135 193 $

Génie tissulaire appliqué à l'opthalmologie pour des applications en recherche fondamentale et Clinique

130 000 $

*Banc d'essai pour travaux de recherche en séparations baromembranaires

119 987 $

18 projets / projects

3 064 109 $

*Financement de l’infrastructure liée à une Chaire industrielle du CRSNG
Funding for Research Infrastructure Associated with a NSERC Industrial Chair

Université de Montréal

Role of Dendritic Cells in Inflammatory Diseases

104 691 $

A Multichannel Confocal Microscope to Investigate the Cellular Mechanisms of Developmental Epilepsies

123 898 $

Establishment of an Infrastructure for the Development of DNA Switches and Nanomachines for Biosensing and Drug Delivery Applications

175 820 $

High-Resolution Imaging of the Cell Division Cycle and its Molecular Mechanisms

160 000 $

Inflammation and Cystic Fibrosis physiopathology: From Biomarkers to Therapy

119 808 $

Personalized Treatment in Epilepsy

398 091 $

New Spectroscopic Tools for Quantifying Molecular and Macromolecular Organic Structures in Environmental Systems

301 482 $

High-Throughput Systems to Study Sleep-Dependent Brain Plasticity

60 000 $

Infrastructure for Correlative Electron and High-Resolution Light Microscopy

616 320 $

Study of Glial Cell and Interneuron Function in Brain Synaptic Networks with Two-Photon Microscopy

379 410 $

Nouvelle plateforme d'innovation en science et applications des plasmas froids à la pression atmosphérique

537 806 $

The Role of Chromatin Structure in DNA Repair: Implications for Chemotherapy of Cancer

133 263 $

12 projets / projects

3 110 589 $

Université de Sherbrooke

Medicinal Chemistry Infrastructure for the Optimization of Compounds with Reduced Undesired Effects

156 084 $

Live-Cell Perfusion Imaging to Study Vascular Complications of Diabetes

92 032 $

Monitoring of Winter Extreme Events in the Arctic

134 768 $

Optimisation des propriétés et de la durabilité des composites polymères utilisés en génie civil

75 820 $

3D Digital Image Correlation for Medical Imaging and Structural Health Monitoring

63 329 $

5 projets / projects

522 033 $

Université du Québec - Institut national de la recherche scientifique

Laboratory for the Laser-Driven Proton Beams and Applications

258 564 $

Laboratoire hydraulique pour le contrôle et l'analyse des réseaux de distribution d'eau potable

238 288 $

Infrastructure de monitoring géophysique environnemental

226 425 $

Laboratoire d'imagerie de l'épithélium mammaire et du cancer du sein

232 259 $

4 projets / projects

955 536 $

Université du Québec – Télé-université

Laboratoire de recherche en Informatique Mobile et Villes Intelligentes (LIMVI)

329 769 $

Laboratoire d'analyse, de conception et de diffusion  infonuagique (LACDI)

390 889 $

2 projets / projects

720 658 $

Université du Québec à Montréal

Smart Logistics and Transportation Systems Laboratory

259 152 $

Establishing a Laboratory of Organic Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry

69 200 $

Infrastructure to Support Research on Plant-Microbe Interactions in Canadian Forests

120 001 $


332 122 $

Laboratoire de mathématiques expérimentales

46 766 $

Laboratoire d'études numériques sur l'histoire de l'art au Québec

 118 513 $

Political Communication and Public Opinion Lab (LACPOP)

41 754 $

Laboratoire de recherche en médias socionumériques et ludification

230 609 $

Laboratoire de recherche sur la culture de grande consommation et la culture médiatique au Québec

99 652 $

9 projets / projects

1 317 769 $

Université du Québec en Outaouais

Micromachining Tools for Fibar-Optic Bio-Chemical Sensors

200 000 $

1 projet / project

200 000 $

University of Alberta

A Mobile Clinical Research Laboratory (MobLab) for use in Community-Based Research


Bio-Microfluidic Investigation of Non-Invasive Disruption of Biofilms using Electrokinetics


Transport in Micro/Nanoscale Environment


Pharmacogenetic Translational Biomarker Discovery


Wastewater Toxicity in Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas


Clinical and Experimental Echocardiographic Imaging Equipment


Physiological and Oxygen Sensing Suite for Ex Vivo and In Vivo Studies


Genetic Determinants of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Pathogenesis


A Mitochondria Research Unit


Translational Research Centre to Target and Characterize Normal and Cancer Stem Cell Niches


Infrared Spectral Signatures of Chirality, Chirality Recognition and Ion-Neutral Reactions


*Intelligent Wireless Technologies


12 projects / projets


*Funding for Research Infrastructure Associated with a NSERC Industrial Chair
Financement de l’infrastructure liée à une Chaire industrielle du CRSNG

University of British Columbia (The)

A Liquid Chromatograph/Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer for Micropollutant Detection in Wastewater Biosolids


Infrastructure for Developing Intravascular Biomaterials for Cardiovascular and Coagulation Disorders


Biochemistry Laboratory for Exercise Metabolism and Inflammation Research


Seeking Sustainability: Innovating, Modelling and Analysis of Complex Human-Environment Systems


Computational Laboratory for the Study of Localized Patterns in Theory and Applications


Forest Carbon and Water Coupling Across Different Spatial Scales


Centre for Experimental Biogeography


Bioinformatics on Next Generation Intel Multi-Core Central Processing Units


Cardiopulmonary Laboratory for Experimental and Applied Physiology


Infrastructure for Ecological Studies of Complex Environmental Variability


Muscle Fatigue Research Laboratory


Data Driven Machine Learning for Image-Assisted Cancer Prognosis


Recognition of High-Level Visual Form


A Field Laboratory for Energy and Mass Exchange at Glacier Surfaces


Facility for Subcellular Physiological Research (FSPR)


Neuroscience of Vision and Eye Movements


Laboratory Infrastructure: Motivated Cognition Lab


Aqueous Biomass Conversion Laboratory


18 projects / projets


University of Calgary

Infrastructure for Next Generation High-Throughput Computational Genomics


Infrastructure for Nano-Scale Characterization of Materials/Structure for Energy Conversion and Storage Devices


Establishment of an Equine Embryology Laboratory with an Emphasis on the Physiology of Early Equine Pregnancy and the Epigenetic Effects of Assisted Reproductive Techniques


A Facility for Innovative Hydrocarbon Energy Research


Prion Diseases: From Cellular Biology of Prion Infection to Novel Therapeutic Approaches


Multi-modal High-throughput 3D Biomedical Imaging Laboratory


Synovial Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Distinct Roles in Cartilage Regeneration and the Pathogenesis of Osteoarthritis


Thermodynamics Laboratory for Applied High-pressure Sour Fluids Research


Integrated Metagenomics for Energy Bioengineering


Investigating Nanoparticle/Polymer Interactions for Novel Materials Design & Heavy Oils Treatment Via Confocal Rheology


Characterization of the in Vivo Pulmonary Immune System in Mice through the Development of Novel Surgical and Advanced Imaging Technologies


11 projects / projets


University of Guelph

Remote Sensing for Advances in Terrestrial Hydrological Modelling


Developing Novel Cancer Biotherapies: Infrastructure to Support Translational Research in Companion Animals


High-Performance Computing Facility for Research in Theoretical Nuclear Physics


Advanced Equipment for Solid State NMR Studies of Biomedically Important Membrane Proteins


Continuous and Remote Aquifer Monitoring using Innovative Telemetry Systems: Enhancing Advanced Data Collection and Analysis Capabilities of G360 the Centre for Applied Groundwater Research


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology to Evaluate Sustainable Cropping Systems


The Innovation, Design, and Consumption Laboratory


Cutting-Edge Echocardiogram: Understanding Heart Failure and Identifying Lifestyle Interventions


Massively Parallel Hardware Accelerators for Large-Scale Machine Learning


Drive Lab 2.0: Driving Simulator and Motion Capture System for a Multidisciplinary Team to Study Age-Differences in Collision Risk, Innovations in In-Vehicle Devices and Vehicle Controls


Infrastructure for the Culture of Complex, Human-Associated, Microbial Communities


Public Use Microdata Sample of the 1861 Canadian Census


Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope and Capillary Electrophoresis Coupled to Mass Spectrometry


Biocontainment Facility Enhancement


University of Guelph, Comparative Obesity Research Program Infrastructure Development


15 projects / projets


University of Lethbridge

An Integrated System for High Resolution Terradynamic 3D Imaging


Imaging the Universe in the Far-Infrared


2 projects / projets


University of Manitoba

Laboratory for Measuring Protein Folding Intermediates


MHyLAB: Mobile Hydrobiogeochemical LABoratory for Water Research in Intensively Managed Watersheds


Detector Development Lab


Molecular Functional Ecology: Landscape and Biodiversity Diagnostics Facility for Sustainable Agriculture


*Canadian Content Hemispheric Institute Digital Video Library


5 projects / projets


*Funding for Research Infrastructure Associated with SSHRC Research Support
Financement de l’infrastructure liée au soutien à la recherche du CRSH

University of New Brunswick

Materials Characterization Laboratory: Equipment and Renovations


Pilot Scaled Infrastructure for Green Fuel Upgrading and Characterization


SINLAB Expansion and Innovation: Using Stable Isotopes for Aquatic Research


Manycore Infrastructure for High Performance Time Dependent Simulation


4 projects / projets


University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Establishment of DeCiMaL | the Digital Culture and Media Lab at UOIT


1 project / projet


University of Ottawa / U

Integrated Infrastructure for Avian Cognitive Ecology Research


*Innovation in Quantum Nonlinear Optics


2 projects / projets


niversité d’Ottawa

*Funding for Research Infrastructure Associated with a Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC)
Financement de l’infrastructure liée à une Chaire d’excellence en recherche du Canada (CERC)

University of Regina

Oxygen Stress Research Laboratory


Understanding the Genetic Mechanisms that Control Bacterial Pathogenesis and Adaptation in Host Environments


The Pain and Aging Laboratory (PAL): Prevention, Rehabilitation and Structured Experimentation


3 projects / projets


University of Saskatchewan

Historical GIS Laboratory Expansion for Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research


Infrastructure for Understanding Mechanisms of Environment-Immune Interactions in Aquatic Toxicology


Infrastructure for a Neurobiology Laboratory with Structural Biology and Drosophila Genetics Capability


Ultrafast Laser Technology for Solar Photovoltaic and Materials Research


Innovative Bioprocessing Catalysis Research Laboratory


Advanced E-region Imaging Radar


Facility for Applied Avian Research (FAAR)


Interactions of Carbon and Nitrogen During Co-Consumption of Methane and Nitrous Oxide


Laboratory for Computational Synthesis


A Multifunctional Vapor Deposition System for the Development and Application of Novel Nanocomposite Coatings


10 projects / projets


University of Toronto

Development of Sensory and Neural Cells in the Mammalian Cochlea


Drinking Water Treatment Laboratory and Tools


Microparticles as Biomarkers, Pathogenic Mediators and Novel Therapeutics in Acute and Chronic Lung Disease


Pilot Scale Water Flow Loop for Testing Water Treatment Systems and the Validation of Models


Structural and Mechanistic Studies of Nano Carbon Electrodes and Polymer Electrolytes for Electrochemical Supercapacitors


Research Infrastructure for an Integrative Research Program in Freshwater Ecology


Mechanical Characterization Platform for Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Laboratory


Establishing a Retinal Disease Translational Pipeline: From Pathways Governing Adult Retinal Homeostasis Towards Cone Photoreceptor-Based Therapies for Age-Related Vision Loss


Toronto Western “Investigational New Drug" Design & Discovery Lab (WIN-D3): An Innovative Centre of Drug Design and Discovery for Protein Misfolding Disorders, Stroke, Retinopathy and Epilepsy


Large Scale Analysis of Textual Respositories


Advancing Mobility Rehabilitation Treatments and Technologies


Centre for Arrhythmia Research in Toronto


Revolutionizing Electron Microscopy: Energy Filter with a Direct Electron Detector Added to Existing CFI Infrastructure


Enhancing Programmable Silicon: Increasing Efficiency and Ease-of-Use and Broadening its Application


Laboratory for Atmospheric Organics


Evaluating the Performance of Low Impact Development at the Catchment Scale


Infrastructure to Support Algorithm Development, Verification, and Proof of Principle for Wireless and Computing Systems


MPARC: Mental Health and Physical Activity Research Centre


Spinal Cord Injury Clinical Research Unit - Optimizing the Translation of Basic Discoveries


Respiratory Infection Secure Containment (RISC) Facility


A Super-Resolution Microscopy System for Dynamic Analysis of Multimolecular Complexes


Epigenetic Regulation in Cancer Development and Progression


Temporal Integration in Human Brain Networks


Science Operating Room Extension (ScORE)


Early Developmental Trajectories and Intervention for Life Long Well-Being


Mobile Mapping and Manipulation


Advancing Novel Small Molecule Strategies Towards Translational Medicine


The In Vivo Metabolic Characterization Laboratory


Wireless Transceiver Characterization Facility


Augmentation of Neurorehabilitation Training using Targeted Brain Stimulation


Laboratory for Evolution and Ecology of Disease


Q-Exactive Instrument to Advance the Drug Discovery Program


Infrastructure for Collaborative Decision Support in Complex Systems Design


Prevention and Personalized Treatment in Hereditary Cancer


Laboratory for Molecular Interfaces


Discovery of Oncogenic Mechanisms through Hospital-Based Molecular Profiling


Exploring the Secret Life of Indoor Particles


Real-Time Digital Simulation of Large, Renewable Powered  Distribution Systems with Energy Storage


A Long Wavelength Instrumentation Laboratory


Toronto Western Investigational New Drug Design & Discovery (WIN-D3) Lab


Infrastructure for Optically Guided Laser Ablation with Integrated Surgical Navigation


Laboratory for Biomimetic Microchip Technologies


Failure Diagnosis Testbed


A Combined Microanalytical-Experimental Laboratory for Improved Understanding of Ore-Forming Processes


44 projects / projets


University of Victoria

Causes and Consequences of Niche Variation in Humans and Other Predators


Facility for Biomolecular Research into Health and Environment


Bioretention Cell Detoxification Lab


*The Maker Space for Desktop Fabrication and Physical Computing in the Humanities


4 projects / projets


*Funding for Research Infrastructure Associated with SSHRC Research Support
Financement de l’infrastructure liée au soutien à la recherche du CRSH

University of Waterloo

Engineered Quantum Systems for Quantum Information


The Sustainability Challenge for Global Food Security Governance


Infrastructure to Support Integrated Research of Wildlife Responses to Changing Habitats, Climate, and Human Activities


Geospatial Mobility Lab: A Testbed for Merging Geographic Information and Mobile Technology


Mass Spectrometry Laboratory for Solid Earth Geochemistry and Environmental Biogeochemistry Research


Infrastructure for Modelling Human-Environment Interactions in Agricultural Systems


6 projects / projets


University of Western Ontario (The)

Novel Molecular Imaging Platform to Elucidate the Role of Membrane Lipids in Neurodegeneration


1 project / projet


York University

Airborne Electromagnetic Sea Ice Thickness Sensor


Integrative Mitochondrial Bioenergetic Facility for the Study of Muscle Wasting Diseases


2 projects / projets



As part of this announcement, an additional $14,638,891 was awarded under the Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF), a mechanism that assists institutions with the incremental operating and maintenance costs associated with the new infrastructure.