Leading researchers to get $5.1 million boost for research infrastructure

December 21, 2000

Ottawa, December 21, 2000…Dr. David Strangway, President and CEO of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), today announced an investment of $5.1 million to provide research infrastructure support to 38 newly appointed Canada Research Chairs recipients at 11 Canadian universities. 

"Our investment will help provide these world-class researchers with the tools they need to pioneer work in many areas that are critical to the socio-economic well-being of Canadians," said Dr. Strangway. "By providing these excellent scientists with first rate research infrastructure, we are enabling them to compete with the best in the world".

The CFI funds will assist in the acquisition of a wide range of specialized installations, including: 

  • an installation at the University of Alberta to undertake research aimed at ensuring the ability of communications networks to meet the growing demand for wireless services;
  • a research infrastructure at the University of Manitoba to assess the effectiveness of Medicare and whether appropriate treatment is reaching those who need it most;
  • a genomic facility at the University of Western Ontario to study cellular interactions that could impact on the control of organ rejection;
  • laboratory equipment at Laval University to study the brain's immune system disorders which could be the cause of degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease; and
  • equipment to support the development of a centre of excellence in genome mapping at Dalhousie University.

The funding decision is based on the recommendation of experts who reviewed each project against the following criteria: 

  • quality of the candidate and of the proposed research;
  • integration to the institution's strategic plan;
  • appropriateness of the infrastructure;
  • research collaborations; and
  • potential benefits of the research to Canada.

The CFI will cover 40% of the eligible costs of each project, with the remaining 60% coming from the universities and their funding partners in the public, private, and voluntary sectors.

In its 2000 Budget, the Government of Canada provided $900 million to support the establishment of 2,000 Canada Research Chairs in universities across the country by 2005. The CFI also received $250 million to provide infrastructure funding to the new Research Chairs.

The objective of the Canada Research Chairs Program is to enable Canadian universities, together with their affiliated research institutes and hospitals, to achieve the highest levels of research excellence, and to become world-class research centres in the global, knowledge-based economy.

The CFI is an independent, not-for-profit corporation established by the Government of Canada in 1997 to address an urgent need of Canada's research community: new, state-of-the-art research infrastructure. The CFI has been entrusted with a capital investment budget of $2.4 billion, and its investments are made in partnership with all levels of government, as well as with the private and voluntary sectors. 

Canada Foundation for Innovation 
Fondation canadienne pour l'innovation

Canada Research Chairs - Infrastructure Component
Chaires de recherche du Canada - composante d'infrastructure

Institution / Établissement   Projects Approved / Projets appuyés  
University of Alberta 8
University of Calgary 1
Dalhousie University 2
Université Laval 2
University of Manitoba 6
McGill University 2
University of Ottawa 5
Queen’s University 1
Université de Sherbrooke 1
University of Western Ontario 8
York University 2

List of approved projects by institution /
Liste des projets appuyés par établissement

  Canada Research Chairs – Infrastructure Component
Chaires de recherche du Canada – composante d’infrastructure


Institution / Établissement Maximum CFI Contribution/ Contribution maximale de la FCI Project title / Titre du projet
University of Alberta $90,887 Cellular Actions of Amyloid B Protein in the Cholinergic Basal Forebrain: Infrared Video Microscope Recording Station and Digital Imaging
  $250,000 Computational Infrastructure for Wireless Research Facility
  $38,000 Developing Computing Facilities for the Integration of Forest and Resource Management and Environmental Economics
  $250,000 Enabling Technologies for Broadband Telecommunications: Acquisition of a Femtosecond Laser System
  $235,818 Equipment for the Initial Steps of Proteomic Analysis: Preparation, Documentation, Sampling and High-Throughput Proteolysis of Proteins Separated by 2-D Gel Electrophoresis
  $172,045 Liquid Chromotography with Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Detection
  $125,000 Molecular Characterization of Probiotic Bacterial Cultures and their Associated Health Benefits
  $159,078 Space Costs and Essential Equipment for the Swine Surgical Suite and the Reproductive Technology Suite as Integral Components of the New Swine Research Centre at the University of Alberta
University of Calgary $175,000 Characterizing the Population of Asteroids and Comets in the Near-Earth Environment
Dalhousie University $39,107 A Modern Laboratory for Molecular Evolutionary Research, Accompanying Application for Canada Research Chair
  $144,375 Development of the Dalhousie University IBM SP Computer for Parallel Earth System/Geodynamics Computations
Université Laval $212,600 Microscope Confocal Fluoview 500 d'Olympus
  $134,870 Simulation and Prototyping Facilities for the Development of High-performance Mechatronic Systems
University of Manitoba $151,964 A Mass Spectrometer Equipped with Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization for High Molecular Weight Measurements and Characterization of Biomolecules
  $76,000 Electrophysiological, Molecular Biological and Biochemical Infrastructure for the Investigation of Physiological and Pathophysiological Na+-Ca2+ Exchange Function
  $99,143 Establishment of a Transgenic Core Facility within the University's New Transgenic Barrier Facility and a Highly Accessible Database, Bioinformatic Tools and Website for the Institute's Mammalian Functional Genomics Centre
  $127,870 Infrastructure for Studying Immunogenetic and Immunoregulatory Factors Involved in Resistance and Susceptibility to HIV-1
  $84,812 Program in the Regulation of Cell Death in Disease
  $125,000 Sustaining Canada's Lead in Health Information Infrastructure: Enhancing the Population Health Research Data Repository
McGill University $150,000 Creation of laboratories for basic and clinical research to study the causes of, and new treatments for, painful peripheral neuropathy in animals and man
  $149,835 Genomics/Phenomics of Pain Laboratory
University of Ottawa $125,000 Canada Research Chair in Molecular Genetics, University of Ottawa High Throughput DNA Sequencing Facility
  $125,000 Collaborative Multimedia and User Interfaces Research Facility
  $61,971 Database Creation and Preservation for the Sociolinguistics Laboratory at the University of Ottawa
  $54,157 Evaluation and Development of Cardiovascular Health Interventions for Women
  $127,582 Preparation and Characterization of New Supported Organometallic Catalysts
Queen’s University $125,000 Enhancement of X-ray Diffraction Data Collection at Cryo Temperature and Protein Expression/Purification Capability
Université de Sherbrooke $141,399 Serveur de calculs Monte Carlo haute performance (classe Beowulf)
University of Western Ontario $129,356 Functional and Neural Organization of Visually Guided Actions: Eye and Hand Movement Recording, a Virtual Workbench, and the Neuroimaging of Manual Prehension
(cluster of two nominations)
Genomics and Bioinformatics Infrastructure for the London Core Facility for Translational Genomics and Proteomics
  $148,417 Maldi-TOF Mass Spectrometer for Characterization of Molecular Materials
  $117,500 Physical Survey of Near-Earth Objects
  $74,467 Research Resources and Tools to Equip the Canada Research Chair in Conflict and Culture
  $126,621 Stimulus Presentation, Monitoring and Recording Hardware for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  $125,000 Ultrasound System for Vascular Imaging and Image-guided Therapy Oncology Research
York University $183,594 Enhancement of the Ion Chemistry Research Laboratory and the Centre for Research in Mass Spectrometry at York University
  $222,000 Positronium, Helium and Atmospheric Gases - A Facility for Innovative Techniques and Applications