Government of Canada strengthens knowledge economy

January 21, 2011

Investment bolsters future economic growth, improves quality of life of Canadians

OTTAWA — Canada will strengthen its position as a leading destination for the world’s top research talent, thanks to a new investment that will provide universities across the country with new facilities and equipment. The announcement was made by the Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State (Science and Technology), while touring a lab at the University of Guelph. He was joined by Dr. Gilles G. Patry, President and CEO of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI).

LOF investment at a glance:

  • Total: $61 million
  • Institutions: 48
  • Municipalities: 36
  • Projects: 245
  • Researchers supported: 339

“Supporting science is key to Canada’s future economic growth,” said Minister Goodyear. “Our government’s commitment to helping universities attract and retain world-leading research talent will lead to discoveries that improve the quality of life of Canadians and create new jobs.”

This $61 million investment, through the CFI’s Leaders Opportunity Fund (LOF), will support the work of 339 leading researchers and 245 projects at 48 Canadian research institutions.

These investments provide researchers across Canada with the tools necessary to carry out a range of frontier research.

“Access to modern, cutting-edge equipment and facilities is imperative in the 21st century,” said Dr. Patry. “For more than a decade, the CFI has provided thousands of world-class researchers with the tools they need to do their work. Without the right infrastructure, they quite simply wouldn’t be in Canada.”

Some examples of the latest round of LOF funding include:

  • Aiding in the design of innovative molecular targeted therapies for the treatment of breast cancer. University of Guelph, Guelph, Ont.
  • Improving our knowledge of the development and functions of the brain and spinal cord. Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S.
  • Identifying new approaches that improve energy production, storage and sustainability. University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Man.
  • Monitoring ecosystems in the Canadian Arctic to gather climate-related data for improved environmental protection, navigation security and fisheries management. Université du Québec à Rimouski, Rimouski, Que.
  • Developing new tools for mobile learning to allow for access to distance learning opportunities for formal education. Athabasca University, Athabasca, Alta.

The Leaders Opportunity Fund supports Canada’s quickly evolving research environment by giving Canadian universities the flexibility they need to attract and retain the world’s finest researchers at a time of intense international competition.

The Canada Foundation for Innovation’s Board of Directors approved a total investment of $61,264,196 following a rigorous and independent merit-review process. This amount included $47,126,305 awarded under the Leaders Opportunity Fund, and another $14,137,891 awarded under the Infrastructure Operating Fund, a complementary program designed to contribute to the incremental operating and maintenance costs of infrastructure projects funded by the Foundation.

For a complete list of CFI-funded projects, visit our site here.

For Canadian research success stories, visit the CFI’s online magazine,

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) is an independent corporation created by the Government of Canada to fund research infrastructure. The CFI’s mandate is to strengthen the capacity of Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals and non-profit research institutions to carry out world-class research and technology development that benefits Canadians. Since its creation in 1997, the CFI has committed $5.3 billion in support of more than 6,800 projects at 131 research institutions in 65 municipalities across Canada.

For more information:

Yves Melanson
Coordinator, Media Relations
Canada Foundation for Innovation
Tel.: 613-996-3160
Cell.: 613-447-1723
yves.melanson [at]

Gary Toft
Director of Communications
Office of the Honourable Gary Goodyear
Minister of State (Science and Technology)
Tel.: 613-943-7599

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Summary by Institution / Sommaire par institution

Leaders Opportunity Fund / Fonds des leaders

Institution / Établissement

Projects Approved / Projets appuyés
Athabasca University 1
Brandon University 2
Cape Breton University 2
Carleton University 4
Concordia University 1
Dalhousie University 9
École Polytechnique de Montréal 6
HEC Montréal 1
Lakehead University 1
McGill University 11
McMaster University 8
Nova Scotia Agricultural College 3
Queen’s University 5
Saint Mary’s University 1
Simon Fraser University 3
St. Francis Xavier University 1
Université Laval 15
Université de Moncton 1
Université de Montréal 9
Université de Sherbrooke 3
Université du Québec à Montréal 7
Université du Québec à Rimouski 3
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 1
Université du Québec en Outaouais 1
Université du Québec – École nationale d’administration publique 1
Université du Québec – Institut national de la recherche scientifique 1
Université du Québec – Télé-université 1
Thompson Rivers University 2
Trent University 2
University of Alberta 23
University of British Columbia (The) 16
University of Calgary 8
University of Guelph 5
University of Lethbridge 2
University of Manitoba 8
University of New Brunswick 4
University of Ontario Institute of Technology 2
University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa 7
University of Prince Edward Island 2
University of Regina 2
University of Saskatchewan 11
University of Toronto 32
University of Victoria 1
University of Waterloo 4
University of Western Ontario (The) 6
University of Windsor 1
University of Winnipeg (The) 2
York University 3
Total 48 Institutions / des 48 établissements 245

Canada Foundation for Innovation /
Fondation canadienne pour l’innovation

Project Title / Titre du projet Maximum CFI Contribution /
Contribution maximale
de la FCI

Athabasca University

Open Social Mobile Systems for eLearning Research (OSMoSYS)
1 project / projet $346,152

Brandon University

Assessing the Dynamics of Infectious Disease: from Molecules to Environment
Biotechnology Research Laboratory $126,509
2 projects / projets $366,304

Cape Breton University

Chiral Heterogeneous Materials for Asymmetric Organic Catalysis and Metal-Based Catalysis
UPLC-MS-MS/PAD: Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation for Multidisciplinary Applications in Chemistry Research and Nutrition Science $316,450
2 projects / projets $485,250

Carleton University

GPS-Based Spacecraft Formation Flying Testbed
Mass Spectrometric Instrumentation to Enable Novel Analyses of Polar Lipids from Complex Biological Samples $140,000
Renewable Bioactives from Cereal Byproducts and Fruit Leftovers/Wastes $148,378
Solar Energy Systems Laboratory $150,000
4 projects / projets $530,778

Concordia University

Live Imaging Station for In Vivo Studies Using Model Organisms and Cultured Mammalian Cells
1 project / projet $199,656

Dalhousie University

A Biomechanical Investigation into the Pathomechanics and Surgical Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis
Energy Storage Materials Laboratory $150,000
Examining the Mechanisms Regulating Neurogenesis and Patterning of the Nervous System $125,000
Functional Dissection of Locomotor Circuits in the Mouse Spinal Cord $124,987
Infrastructure for Research and Development of Glass Based Biomaterials $123,773
Low-Temperature Thermochronology Laboratory (Fission-Track and (U-Th-[Sm])/He Dating) $124,879
Powder Compaction Laboratory (PCLab) $97,990
Subcellular Lipidomics Instrumentation $118,975
UrbanSense: Infrastructure for an Urban-Scale Environmental Sensor Network $106,620
9 projects / projets $1,094,299

École Polytechnique de Montréal

Advanced Multilayer Films for High Performance Flexible Packaging
200 000 $
Architectures and Methodologies for the Design and Implementation of Application-Specific Processors for Real-Time Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery Assistance 114 482 $
Key Infrastructure for Scanning, Analyzing and Manipulating 3D Visual Data 125 000 $
Laboratoire VESI (Very Efficient System Implemention) 274 189 $
Laboratory for Advanced Control of Microsystems 184 405 $
Versatile Semi-Virtual Test Facility for Hydronic Heating and Cooling Equipment 148 406 $
6 projets / projects 1 046 482 $

HEC Montréal

243 829 $
1 projet / project 243 829 $

Lakehead University

Nanometer-Scale Investigations of Materials and Environmental Remediation Processes
1 project / projet $312,292

McGill University

A State-of-the-Art Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry System for the Acquisition of High-Precision Paleoenvironmental Data
160 000 $
An Integral Transportation Safety Laboratory for Sustainable Urban Mobility 80 000 $

Bio-Inorganic Interface Laboratory
170 260 $
Characterising Mechanisms of Brain Cancer Invasion 140 000 $
Infrastructure for Wireless Network Communications Research 120 000 $
Inverse Gas Chromatography for the Analysis of Mineral Surfaces 80 000 $
Laboratory for Advanced Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis, and 3D Visualization of Environmental Change 100 000 $
Optogenetics Probing of the Neural Circuits Controlling Sleep and Wakefulness 140 000 $
Quantitative Earth Surface Processes Research Center:  Cosmogenic Radionuclide and Surface Processes Imaging Laboratories 72 000 $
Regulation of Inflammatory and Adaptive Immune Responses Upon Innate Immune Recognition of Pathogens 100 000 $
Tools for Innovation in Minimally Invasive Biomaterials (TIMIB) 400 000 $
11 projets / projects 1 562 260 $

McMaster University

Macromolecular Crystallization and X-Ray Diffraction Facility
A Biomechanical Approach to Physical Activity Guidelines for Knee Osteoarthritis $172,520
Brain Metal Imaging Laboratory $120,000
Climate Impacts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Forested Landscape of Southern Ontario $155,147
Lentiviral-Mediated RNAi Technology and High-Content Screening to Systematically Analyze Programmed Cell Death in Cancer Cells $200,000
Molecular Dissection of the Invasion Machinery Required for Entry into Human Red Blood Cells of the Malaria Parasite $308,099
Plant Growth and Molecular Profiling Facility $100,000
State-of-the-Art Measurement Systems to Transform the Health and Well-Being of Urban Neighbourhoods $207,423
8 projects / projets $2,063,189

Nova Scotia Agricultural College

Development of an Innovative Nutrient Management Program
Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Technology Research Program $47,070
Quantifying Transcript Levels of Target Genes Involved in Mediating Root-Microbe Interaction $19,397
3 projects / projets $115,493

Queen's University

Advanced Microstructure Characterization Lab
Bio-Mechatronics and Robotics Laboratory $150,000

Early Detection of Deterioration Mechanisms for Civil Infrastructure
Molecular Characterization of Proteins Critical to Xenobiotic Disposition and Cancer: Enhanced Detection and Quantitation $400,000
Socio-Economic Status, Social Networks, and Cardiovascular Disease $43,828
5 projects / projets $848,828

Saint Mary’s University

Development of Plasmonic Nanoarray Surfaces for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Membrane Transport Phenomena
1 project / projet $64,358

Simon Fraser University

Infrastructure for Rare Isotope Production and Studies Through Spontaneous and Neutron-Induced Fission
Multiscale Thermofluidic Laboratory for Sustainable Energy Research $180,000
Neurospine Biomechanics Laboratory $120,000
3 projects / projets $360,000

St. Francis Xavier University

Evolution and Development Laboratory
1 project / projet $155,046

Université Laval

Physical Human/Robot Cooperation Research Laboratory
800 000 $
*Laboratoire en irrigation de précision 243 533 $
Banc d’essai pour la simulation, la commande et l'optimisation de procédés industriels 83 948 $
Condition physique et sommeil chez la femme enceinte: mesure des effets sur la croissance fœtale 122 086 $
Genetic, Molecular and Phenotypic Database for Neurobioinformatics: Toward Personalized Medicine in Neuroscience 127 967 $
IGALAK. Outil intégré de veille stratégique (récolte/filtrage/stockage) de la présence, de la visibilité, de l'image et de l'e-réputation des peuples autochtones des régions circumpolaires 212 713 $
Imaging Infrastructure for Diabetes Research 125 000 $
Infrastructure pour l’identification et la quantification ultrasensibles de biomarqueurs 125 000 $
Laboratoire pour une approche intégrative en microgéoarchéologie 59 830 $
Laboratoire de métrologie optique et d'assemblage de précision pour systèmes optiques avancés 169 004 $
Muscle Atrophy Initiation and Development: from the Cell to Human 120 383 $
Nextgen Sequencing for Monitoring Genomic Health and Disease States 380 000 $
Rôles des médiateurs lipidiques dérivés de l'acide arachidonique dans la régulation de l'inflammation 128 602 $
Santé de la vision : de la molécule au patient 239 263 $
Établissement d'un laboratoire de pointe en chimie médicinale et biologique pour l'étude des interactions protéine-protéine d'intérêts thérapeutiques 118 381 $
15 projets / projects 3 055 710 $

* Financement de l’infrastructure liée à une Chaire industrielle du CRSNG
Funding for Research Infrastructure Associated with a NSERC Industrial Chair Université de Moncton

Microscope à balayage électronique pour la recherche dans le domaine des matériaux nanoporeux: application à la maîtrise de l'énergie dans les habitations
195 132 $
1 projet / project 195 132 $

Université de Montréal

An Integrated Proteomic Laboratory for High Throughput Protein Expression, Purification, and Protein Interaction for Use in Signal Transduction and Proteomic Studies in Plants and Protists
235 379 $
Biomarkers of Stress and Allostatic Load and Association with Mental Health in Humans 81 051 $
Dissecting the Kinetics and Mechanisms of Gene Expression Processes Using Single Cell and Single Molecule Resolution Live Cell Imaging 182 000 $
Functional Characterization of Matrix Molecules in Calcified Tissues and of Nanostructured Biomaterials 182 156 $
Geocryosphere 240 247 $
Interrogating the Genomic and Environmental Control Points of Obesity 249 817 $
Measurement, Modeling and Computer Simulation for Pediatric Rehabilitation / Mesure, modélisation et simulation numérique pour la réadaptation pédiatrique 267 208 $
Platform of Histology & Immunohistochemistry Applied to Vascular Diseases - Phase II 105 057 $
Set up for Non Invasive Recording of Behavioural, Neurophysiological and Psychophysiological Activity of Developing Infants 122 970 $
9 projets / projects 1 665 885 $

Université de Sherbrooke

A 3 Tesla MRI Scanner for Fundamental and Clinical Research in Oncology, Brain Function and Brain Connectivity
800 000 $
Cutting-Edge Equipment for Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (dMRI) Acquisition, Reconstruction, Analysis and Visualization 42 348 $
Développement de nouveaux procédés combinés biologiques/physicochimiques pour l'élimination de polluants organiques en milieux aqueux 82 506 $
3 projets / projects 924 854 $

Université du Québec à Montréal

Exo-Imaging: a Novel Clinical Tool for the Management of Patients with Parkinson's Disease and Other Movement Disorders
146 001 $
Laboratoire d'analyse multidimensionnelle de l'activité conflictuelle en milieu urbain et de la métropolisation (LAMACM) 92 383 $
Laboratoire d'études de la représentation et de la régulation politiques 195 912 $
Laboratory for the Study of Physical Activity, Metabolic Health, Cognition and Aging: A Global Approach 213 686 $
Plant Protein Function Analyses Infrastructure 111 487 $
Plateforme d’imagerie cellulaire 309 889 $
QUiLLE: Structure and Seismicity of the Eastern Canadian Shield; Broadband Seismology in Quebec and Labrador 194 064 $
7 projets / projects 1 263 422 $

Université du Québec à Rimouski

Flexibilité comportementale et démographique des grands mammifères à l'anthropisation des écosystèmes boréaux terrestres
76 952 $
Infrastructure pour l'étude de la flexibilité phénotypique et les stratégies d'adaptation physiologique chez les oiseaux non-migrateurs vivant en milieux nordiques 149 998 $
Robotic Underwater Surveys in the Canadian Arctic (RUSCA) 64 627 $
3 projets / projects 291 577 $

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Laboratoire de fractionnement réactif de matériaux lignocellulosiques pour l'obtention de biocarburants de 2e génération et autres produits à valeur ajoutée
234 701 $
1 projet / project 234 701 $

Université du Québec en Outaouais

Segmentation d'images et analyse de mouvement en vidéo: approches par sélection de caractéristiques et applications
62 610 $
1 projet / project 62 610 $

Université du Québec – École nationale d’administration publique

Laboratoire de traitement et d'analyse de données sur l'évaluation des actions publiques à l'égard des jeunes
65 333 $
1 projet / project 65 333 $

Université du Québec – Institut national de la recherche scientifique

Bioprocessing And Nano-Enzyme Formulation Facility (BANEFF)
192 843 $
1 projet / project 192 843 $

Université du Québec – Télé-université

Cloud Computing Communautaire pour la recherche appelé Nomade
181 721 $
1 projet / project 181 721 $

Thompson Rivers University

Capillary Electrophoresis of Lantibiotics
Proteomics and Protein Purification: Isoelectric Focusing and Chromatography Systems for Biocatalyst Development $243,091
2 projects / projets $287,091

Trent University

Coupling Genetic Characterizations of Pathogens and Disease Vectors Towards Understanding Patterns of Wildlife Disease Maintenance and Spread
Discovering How Action Drives Perception and Cognition $79,719
2 projects / projets $169,447

University of Alberta

Electrophysiological Imaging and Photostimulation of Neuron-Glia Networks in Ex Vivo Neurological Disease Models
Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of High Molecular Weight Protein Complexes $439,887
Small Animal PET/CT: An Innovative Preclinical Multimodality Molecular Imaging Platform for Translational Research $789,853
The Alberta Dialysis Databank (ADD) $623,645
A Scaleable Optical Sensor Network for Ecosystem Health $100,000
An Analysis Suite for Characterizing Smart Polymer/Nanoparticle Composites $76,903
An Aquatic Center for the Evaluation of the Effects of Water Quality on Fish Health $80,000
Analysis of the Role of Genetically Defined Interneurons in the Operation of the Locomotor and Respiratory CPGs $371,721
Cochlear Low-Frequency Electrical Responses $43,097
Facility for the Experimental Characterization of Metamaterial Imaging Devices, Radiating Structures, and Scattering Surfaces $240,000
Facility for the Fundamental Characterization and Application of Advanced Materials $128,000
Facility to Support the Bench-to-Bedside Development of Targeted Drugs and Drug Delivery Systems for Improved Therapeutic Performance $377,613
Infrastructure for Synthesis of Materials for Structural and Alternative Energy Applications $140,000
Infrastructure for Studying Both the Biophysics of Infectious Prion Oligomers and the Prion Disease Pathology they Induce $400,000

Ion Homeostasis - from Bench to Bedside
Laboratory for Assessing Biological Hazards in the Environment $286,640
Laboratory for Low-Temperature Quantum Nanoscience: Quantum Resonators and Quantum Nanofluidics $376,789
Mechanisms of Drug Free Radical Metabolite Toxicity $358,939
Microparticle Engineering Facility $200,000
Multiparametric Flow Cytometry System for the Development and Characterization of Environmental Biotechnology Remediation Strategies $125,000
Pyrogenic Ecosystems and Restoration Ecology Laboratory $242,601
State-of-the-Art Ultrasound Biomicroscope for the Evaluation of Myocardial & Vascular Function in Maternal, Fetal and Placental Disease in Small Animals $239,199
The Last Best West: The Alberta Land Settlement Infrastructure Project $393,802
23 projects / projets $7,120,845

University of British Columbia (The)

Centre for Applied Neurogenetics (CAN)
Center for Microbiome and Inflammatory Disease Research: Protection Against Inflammatory Bowel Disease by Modulating the Intestinal Microbiome Through Diet and Innate Immune Responses $149,635
Centre for the Study of Services to Children and Families $89,218
FEBI: Facility for Environmental and Biological Imaging $237,434
Finding a Cure for Work-Related Repetitive Strain Injuries: A Translational Integrated Biology Approach $123,579
Flow Cytometry Platform for Analysis of Rare Blood Cells in Models of Human Disease $129,500
Integrated Surface Modification/Treatment and Characterization of Nanodevices $29,296
Laboratory for Study and Control of Molecule-Surface Scattering at Ultralow Temperatures with Ultrashort Laser Pulses $125,000
Modeling and Curating Interactions of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins $125,105
Preterm Neonatal Immunological Research Laboratory $125,000
Qualitative Data Analysis Lab for Policy Research $64,210
Rare Disease and Translational Laboratories $118,141
Research Laboratory for the Study of Consumer Behaviour:
Investigating the Role of Consumer Creativity and Innovation in the Marketplace
Small Animal Imaging Platform in Urologic Cancers $125,000
The Facility for Neural Circuits and Behaviour: Structural, Functional, and Developmental Analysis of Taste and Feeding Circuits $125,000
X-Ray Micro-Tomography Facility for Novel In-situ and 3D Characterization of Advanced Materials $356,921
16 projects / projets $2,819,990

University of Calgary

Establishment of a Molecular Parasitology Laboratory
Fluorometric Instrumentation for the Measurement of Sub-Cellular Microenvironments $260,374
Infrastructure for the Development of Novel Multifunctional Magnetic Nanomaterials $344,370
Laboratory for Photosciences (LFP) $163,582
Mechanotransduction in Cardio-Vascular Tissues: Role of Residual Stresses Explored by Real-Time in Situ Microscopy Coupled with Biomechanical Measurements $118,956
Molecular Characterization of Disease Mechanisms Involved in Genetically Determined Cardiomyopathies $246,868
Steroid Hormone Sample Preparation and Mass Spectrometry Laboratory $399,980
Translational Health Research Collaboratorium $175,391
8 projects / projets $1,914,453

University of Guelph

Field Data Acquisition, Integration and Communication Infrastructure for Studying Adaptation in Action
Laboratory for High-Resolution Macromolecular and Cellular Imaging $124,993
Laboratory for Integrated Study of the Mechanisms of Breast Cancer Invasion and Metastasis $121,232
Motion Platform for the Study of Postural Control Related to the Problem of Falls and Mobility $125,000
People in Motion: Historical Data Infrastructure for Longitudinal Research $374,821
5 projects / projets $815,259

University of Lethbridge

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Facility for Nanomaterials and Advanced Catalysis
The Brain in Action: A Research Facility for the Study of Sensory, Motor and Cognitive Integration in Healthy and Neurological Populations $97,892
2 projects / projets $272,368

University of Manitoba

Establishment of an Integrated Laboratory to Study the Biology and Functions of Normal and Malignant Breast Stem cells
High-Throughput Molecular Genetics Facility $127,986
Medical Textile Surface Engineering Laboratory $145,536
Noble Gas Mass Spectrometry Laboratory for Dating Geological Samples $397,105

Preservation and Promotion of Northern Canadian Heritage Resources: A Non-Invasive/Non-Destructive Approach to Archaeological Research
Reproductive and Behavioural Ecology of Small Mammals in the Field and Laboratory $69,952
Stable Isotope Sample Preparation and Acquisition for Applications in Ecology and Conservation $81,199
Translational Research Center for Spinal Cord Injury Repair $159,851
8 projects / projets $1,332,798

University of New Brunswick

Biomechanics Infrastructure for the New Human Performance Lab
Establishment of a Bacterial Gene Expression and Protein Function Laboratory $127,872
Laboratory Equipped for Inert Atmosphere Research in Applied and Fundamental Chemistry $156,930
New Brunswick Health Policy Laboratory $368,724
4 projects / projets $790,044

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Establishing the UOIT Security Testing Facility
The Effect of Altering Afferent Input From the Spine and Limbs on Central Sensorimotor Integration $49,066
2 Projects / Projets $81,458

University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa

Green Information and Communications Technology Networks Research
A Facility for the Generation, Maintenance and Preservation of Novel Genetic Mouse Models of Development and Disease $341,140
Analytical Instrumentation for Chemical and Metabolite Diversity: Ultra HPLC-Q-TOF-MS $211,325
Facility for Electrochemical Engineering of Advanced Energy Conversion Systems $87,249
Fluorescence Spectroscopy Tools for Nanocatalysis Studies $361,173
Laboratory of Comparative Fungal Genomics $105,249
The Protein Engineering and Computational Protein Design Laboratory $239,945
7 projects / projets $1,847,044

University of Prince Edward Island

Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer
Laboratory for Evolutionary and Ecological Genetics $32,057
2 projects / projets $666,280

University of Regina

Integrated Dynamic Short-Range Positioning Systems, (I-DSRP) Systems
Interactive Media, Poetics, Aesthetics, Cognition, and Technology Lab $69,937
2 projects / projets $138,437

University of Saskatchewan

Bio-Manufacturing Laboratory
Biochemical and Molecular Immunology Research Laboratory $72,485
Brewster Angle Microscope for Surfactant Science Research $54,292
Experimental Mobile Robotic Research in Agriculture $44,965
Exploring Gut Function: An Innovative Approach to Understand Absorptive, Metabolic, and Barrier Functions of Gut Tissue $67,507
Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting for Development of Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems $90,421
High Performance Ion Chromatography Support for Non-Traditional Stable Isotope Research $59,067
High-Resolution Ultrasonographic Imaging of Female Reproductive Function $96,352
Loading System for Large Scale Testing of Reinforced Masonry Components $109,179
Materials and Microstructure Design for Enhanced Performance Under Dynamic Shock Loading $41,260
The Effects of Stressful Environments on Plant Growth and Development $243,138
11 projects / projets $1,009,342

University of Toronto

Cardiac Imaging and Hemodynamic Core Facility for Translational Research
Development of Viral-Mediated Gene Therapies for Retinal Degeneration $797,199
Zebrafish Centre for Advanced Drug Discovery: A High Throughput Screening Platform Targeting Cardiovascular Diseases $794,217
Advanced Power Electronics and Smart Power IC Research Laboratory for Automotive, Industrial, Aerospace and Photovoltaic Energy Applications $100,000
Animal Models of Neurological and Psychiatric Disease $199,904
Biomolecule-Based Design of Imaging and Therapeutic Agents $399,029
Cognitive Enhancement in Patients with Schizophrenia Across the Lifespan: A Brain Stimulation Project $81,347
Compression, Transmission and Representation of 3D Video over Networks $99,984
Controlling the Fibrogenic Activity of Myofibroblasts as a Crucial Step in Successful Tissue Repair and Regeneration $125,548
Development of Animal Models for Influenza Virus Transmission and Pathophysiology $102,921
Dissecting Networks that Regulate Cancer Initiation and Progression $210,492

Experimental Ecology Laboratory for Research in Plant Evolution and the Origins of Ecological Function
Eye-Tracking Laboratory for the Study of Language in Conversation $21,992
Infrastructure for Macromolecular Crystallography $180,000
Infrastructure to Study Synaptic Plasticity and Behavior in Drosophila $268,605
Integrated Field- and Laboratory-Based Geomorphic and Geologic Mapping Facility for the Study of Active Faults and Landscape Evolution $64,096
Integrated Plant-Soil Analytical Laboratory and Experimentation Facility to Link Ecophysiology and Biogeochemistry in Agroecology $99,868
Laboratory for Architecture Intelligence Research (LAIR) $100,000
Laboratory for Phototherapeutics in Oral Diseases (L-POD) $114,245
Laboratory for the Development of Optoelectronic Polymers and Nanomaterials $400,000
Local Indicators Database for Economic Analysis (Local IDEAs) $160,000
Manufacture of Metallic Cellular Structures $80,000
Molecular Manipulation and Imaging Facility for the Study of mRNA $153,861
Nerve Research Centre at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto $213,368
Network Organizations Underlying Long-Term Memory $200,000
Pathogenic Bacterial Membrane Protein Purification and Crystallization Facility $74,390
Remote Sensing and Spatial Ecosystem Modelling Laboratory $161,181
Research Facility for Global Change Molecular Physiology of Trees $198,924
Targeting Receptor-Receptor Interaction for Development of Novel Therapeutics to Treat Neuropsychiatric Diseases $258,111
The Organization of Verbal Memory in the Human Brain $61,618
The Supreme Court of Canada Database, 1875-2010 $27,374
Transcriptional and Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Endothelial Specification and Vascular Development $171,825
32 projects / projets $6,447,388

University of Victoria

British Columbia Centre for Mountain Biodiversity
1 project / projet $45,000

University of Waterloo

Angle Resolved Inverse Photoemission Spectroscopy in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Flow Cytometry Suite for Biomaterials and Bioengineering Research $60,000
Functional DNA and Lipid Bionanotechnology $124,980
The MicroTile Interactivity Project $40,000
4 projects / projets $364,980

University of Western Ontario (The)

Facility for Advanced Biomedical Device Design and Fabrication
Applied Biotechnology Laboratory $299,474
Computational Geophysics Laboratory at Western $139,946
Laboratory for Neural Circuits and Cognitive Control $318,272
Salivary Proteomics Research Laboratory $212,059
Somatic Stem Cell Selection Laboratory for the Regeneration of Beta Cell and Vascular Function $272,955
6 projects / projets $1,848,329

University of Windsor

Innovation Design Studio and Transformable Manufacturing System
1 project / projet $398,811

University of Winnipeg (The)

PRIME:  The Prairie Research Institute for Materials and Energy
Polarized Xenon Laboratory for Fundamental Physics $155,852
2 projects / projets $554,248

York University

Acquisition of an Infrastructure to Study Muscle Microcirculation in Health and Diseases
Cellular and Molecular Neuroendocrinology Laboratory $94,652
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory for Theoretical and Applied Neuroeducation Research $100,777
3 projects / projets $274,689