Government of Canada invests $91.5 million to fund 121 Canada Research Chairs

December 7, 2006

Leaders Opportunity Fund –
Funding for infrastructure associated with a Canada Research Chair

- Provincial Cumulative Totals (PDF, 62KB)

Institution / Établissement Projects Approved / Projets appuyés
Carleton University 1
Dalhousie University 1
École Polytechnique de Montréal 1
Malaspina University-College 1
McGill University 4
McMaster University 1
Memorial University of Newfoundland 1
Mount Saint Vincent University 2
Queen’s University 3
Ryerson Univerity 1
St. Francis Xavier University 2
Thompson Rivers University 1
Trinity Western University 1
Université Laval 2
Université de Moncton 1
Université de Montréal 3
Université de Sherbrooke 1
Université du Québec à Montréal 1
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 1
University of Alberta 5
University of British Columbia (The) 6
University of Calgary (The) 1
University of Lethbridge (The) 2
University of Manitoba (The) 4
University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa 3
University of Toronto 22
University of Waterloo 2
University of Western Ontario (The) 1
University of Winnipeg (The) 1
Total 29 institutions / établissements 76

Leaders Opportunity Fund –
Funding for infrastructure associated with a Canada Research Chair /
List of Approved Projects by Institution /
Liste des projets appuyés par établissement


Chaire de recherche
Project title / Titre du projet Maximum CFI Contribution/
Contribution maximale de la FCI
Carleton University
Ormeci, Banu Fate and Persistence of Pathogens and Chemicals During Wastewater Treatment Processes, and Implications for Public Health $211,490
Total 1 $211,490
Dalhousie University
Kirk, Sara Infrastructure to Support the Development of a Resource Centre for Obesity Management and Prevention $115,511
Total 1 $115,511
École Polytechnique de Montréal
De Crescenzo, Gregory A Versatile Platform for Protein and in Vitro Cell Assay Automation 125 000 $
Total 1 125 000 $
Malaspina University-College
Murray, Grant Moving Knowledge: Geographic Information Systems, Local Ecological Knowledge and Coastal Resource Management $73,302
Total 1 $73,302
McGill University
Ramankutty, Navin Laboratory for Observation and Modeling of Human Land Use Activities in an Earth System Framework 59 826 $
Egeland Hovda, Grace Indigenous Peoples' Nutrition and Heath Through The Lifespan 194 358 $
Wing, Boswell Acquisition of an Ultraprecise State-of-the-Art Gas Source Stable Isotope-Ratio mass Spectrometry System to Support Research in Earth System Geochemistry 213 191 $
Kincheloe, Joe The Paulo and Nita Freire International Centre for the Study of Critical Pedagogy 244 936 $
Total 4 712 311 $
McMaster University
Bhatia, Mickie Infrastructure to Quantitatively Analyze and Prospectively Isolate Human Stem Cell Populations $388,495
Total 1 $388,495
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Tarasov, Lev Canada Research Chair in Glacial Dynamics Modeling $225,211
Total 1 $225,211
Mount Saint Vincent University
Gonick, Marnina Atlantic Centre for Research and Education on Girls and Women $97,671
Williams, Patricia Participatory Action Research and Training Centre on Food Security $268,777
Total 2 $366,448
Queen’s University
Rau, Wolfgang Dark Matter Search with Cryogenic Detectors: Contributions to CDMS and SuperCDMS $192,000
Peppley, Brant Overcoming the Barriers to Realising the Full Economic and Environmental Benefit of Fuel Cells for Canada $205,920
Allingham, John Rational Design of Novel Anti-Cancer Agents Using Structural and Functional Information of the Interaction Between Natural Product Small Molecules and their Protein Targets $549,189
Total 3 $947,109
Ryerson University
Sidani, Souraya Infrastructure for Chair in Design and Evaluation of Health Interventions $125,000
Total 1 $125,000
St. Francis Xavier University
McMillan, Leslie Jane Indigenous Peoples and Sustainable Communities Collaborative Ethnographic Research Lab and Mobile Unit $71,983
Hauf, Petra Infant Action and Cognition Lab Research facilities consisting of eye-tracking and video laboratory $74,662
Total 2 $146,645
Thompson Rivers University
Friesen, Norman E-Learning Practices Research Centre $74,905
Total 1 $74,905
Trinity Western University
Stringham, Eve High Resolution Microscopy and Imaging Laboratory $125,000
Total 1 $125,000
Université Laval
Bisanswa, Justin Réalisme et traversée du roman francophone. Laboratoire de recherches comparées en francophonie et réseau virtuel interactif de communication au sein de l’espace francophone. 48 789 $
Nourani, Amine Mécanismes de régulation transcriptionnelle des gènes 148 993 $
Total 2   197 782 $
Université de Moncton
Morency, Jean Centre de saisie et d'analyse des textes, phase 2 40 849 $
Total 1 40 849 $
Université de Montréal
Fernandes, Karl Neural Stem Cell Laboratory 110 734 $
Herrmann, Thora Martina Laboratory of the Canada Research Chair in Ethnoecology and Biodiversity Conservation 134 972 $
Roux, Philippe Establishment of Dr. Philippe Roux's laboratory in Signal Transduction and Cancer Cell Proteomics 160 000 $
Total 3 405 706 $
Université de Sherbrooke
Burrus, Vincent Study of the Impact of Bacterial Mobile Elements on Microbial Gene Expression and Virulence - Impact des éléments mobiles bactériens sur l'expression des gènes et la virulence 124 936 $
Total 1 124 936 $
Université du Québec à Montréal
Jenna, Sarah Establishment of a Caenorhabditis Elegans Genomic Platform for Cell Signaling Modeling. 203 804 $
Total 1 203 804 $
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Brunelle, Natacha Laboratoire de traitement et d'analyse de données sur les trajectoires de consommation 100 868 $
Total 1 100 868 $
University of Alberta
Sipione, Simonetta A Research Facility for the Study of Huntington's Disease and other Neurodegenerative Disorders $158,795
Parlee, Brenda Community-Based Research Research Lab - Social Responses to Ecological Change $177,911
West, Lori Cardiac Transplantation Research Program $241,970
Gray, Murray Oil Sands Upgrading Research Facility $243,106
Xu, Zhenghe Enhancing Mining Efficiency and Decreasing Environmental Impact Using Scanning Probe Microscopy and X-Ray Fluorescence Micro-Probe $319,188
Total 5 $1,140,970
University of British Columbia (The)
Chan, Kai Serving and Interpreting Biological Abundance Information $77,049
Boyd, Lara Canada Research Chair in Neurobiology of Motor Learning Imaging Neuroplastic Change Stimulated by Motor Learning after Stroke $99,977
Frank, Erica Computer Infrastructure for Research on the Healthy Doc Healthy Patient Project and the Global Health Sciences Learning Center $100,000
Seamans, Jeremy Dopamine Modulation of Prefrontal Cortex Neurons and Networks $124,422
Henrich, Joseph Infrastructure Support for the UBC Culture and Evolution Laboratory $125,000
Ko, Frank Advanced Fibrous Materials Laboratory (AFML) $150,343
Total 6 $676,791
University of Calgary (The)
Shi, Yan The Role of Immunoglobulin in Uric Acid Crystal-Mediated Immune Activation and Inflammation $148,665
Total 1 $148,665
University of Lethbridge (The)
Wetmore, Stacey High-Performance Computing Resources for Computational Chemistry $122,529
Saucier, Deborah Investigations of the Neural Bases of Individual Differences in the Rat and Human $235,228
Total 2 $357,757
University of Manitoba (The)
Cadogan, John Nuclear Probes of Atomic Magnetism $119,285
Stetefeld, Joerg The Extracellular Matrix-Model Systems to Study their Structure-Function Relationship and Development of Biomedical Applications $125,000
Beta, Trust Infrastructure for Characterizing Grain Constituents with Demonstrated Antioxidative Properties $125,000
Marshall, Aaron Advanced Flow Cytometry and Training Facility $125,000
Total 4 $494,285
University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa
Castle, David Canada Research Chair in Ethics and Contemporary Society $53,034
Schlossmacher, Michael Understanding Parkin Gene Expression: a Key Step for Future Parkinson Therapy $125,000
Ramunno, Lora High Performance Computer Cluster for the Investigation of Light-Matter Interaction on the Nanoscale $150,000
Total 3 $328,034
University of Toronto
Zelazo, Philip Upgrades To Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory $83,852
Wilde, Andrew Molecular Analysis Of Cell Division $92,744
Chan, Warren Extending The Research Capabilities Of The Integrated Nanotechnology/Biomedical Sciences Laboratory $99,848
Kaul, Rupert Infrastructure To Support A Molecular Mucosal Immunology Facility $103,976
Behrmann, Marlene Psychological And Neural Bases Of Visual Cognition $120,000
Sharpe, Simon Laboratory Facilities For The Production Of Proteins And Peptides For Solid State NMR Based Structural Studies $120,214
Gagnon, France Genetic Epidemiology Of Complex Diseases $123,442
Ohh, Michael Molecular Characterization Of The Oxygen-Sensing Pathway $123,639
Jha, Prabhat Development Of A Scaleable Web-Based Data Entry And Management System For Large Scale Blood-Based Epidemiological Studies $124,096
Girardin, Stephen New Aspects Of The Host Response To Bacterial Peptidoglycan $124,932
Hughes, Timothy Infrastructure For Large-Scale Analysis Of DNA-Protein Interactions $124,971
Hanley, Anthony Infrastructure For Metabolic And Nutritonal Epidemiologic Studies Of Diabetes And Related Disorders $125,000
Ryan, Jennifer Cognitive Neuroscience Of Memory $125,000
McCulloch, Christopher Imaging And Proteomic Analysis Of Matrix Signaling Pathways $127,860
Boone, Charles Genetic Network Robotics Platform: Biomatrix High-Throughput Carousel And Imaging Systems With Control Software $136,224
Lambe, Evelyn Facility To Investigate The Physiology Of The Developing Cerebral Cortex $170,830
Qian, Li Fibre-Based Ultrafast Photonics And Quantum Communication Laboratory $213,975
Kislinger, Thomas An Integrated Systems Biology Approach To Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: A Combined Proteomic, Transcriptomic And Bioinformatic Strategy $215,608
Jurisica, Igor Integrative Computational Biology: Towards Intelligent Molecular Medicine $259,393
Murphy, Jennifer Infrastructure Requirements For Field Measurements Of Reactive Nitrogen In The Atmosphere $260,000
Cowen, Leah Molecular Mechanisms Driving The Evolution Of Fungal Pathogens And Their Hosts $299,188
Keller, Gordon Molecular Regulators Involved In The Lineage-Specific Differentiation Of Mouse And Human Embryonic Stem Cells $525,000
Total 22 $3,699,792
University of Waterloo
Moscovitch, David Clinical and Psychophysiological Research Laboratories for Investigating Anxiety Disorders $91,603
Eliasmith, Chris Computational and Research Infrastructure for Theoretical Neuroscience $151,358
Total 2 $242,961
University of Western Ontario (The)
Gillies, Elizabeth Laboratory for Biomaterials Research $206,937
Total 1 $206,937
University of Winnipeg
Tardif, Jacques Upgrade of University of Winnipeg Dendrochronology Laboratory (UWDL) and Pursuit of New Research Opportunities $75,000
Total 1 $75,000
TOTAL 76 projects / projets $12,081,564