Gerry Byrne and Allan Rock announce $130.1 million in investment for 123 new Canada Research Chairs

November 12, 2002

Canada Research Chairs Infrastructure Fund/
Fonds d’infrastructure pour les Chaires de recherche du Canada

Institution / Établissement Projects Approved / Projets appuyés
Athabasca University 1
Brock University 1
Carleton University 1
McGill University 7
McMaster University 2
Memorial University of Newfoundland 4
Mount Allison University 1
Queen's University 1
Saint Mary’s University 1
Simon Fraser University 2
University College of Cape Breton 1
University of Alberta 5
University of British Columbia 9
University of Calgary 1
University of Manitoba 2
University of New Brunswick / Université du Nouveau-Brunswick 2
University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa 2
University of Toronto 10
University of Victoria 4
University of Waterloo 4
University of Western Ontario 7
University of Windsor 4
Université Laval 3
Université de Montréal 2
Université de Sherbrooke 2
Université du Québec – Institut national de la recherche scientifique 1
Université du Québec – École de technologie supérieure 1
Université du Québec Télé-université 1
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue 1
Université du Québec en Outaouais 1
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi 2
Université du Québec à Montréal 4
Wildrid Laurier University 1
York University 4
Total 34 institutions / établissements 95

Canada Research Chairs Infrastructure Fund/
Fonds d’infrastructure pour les Chaires de recherche du Canada

List of Approved Projects by Institution /
Liste des projets appuyés par établissement

Chaire de recherche
Project title /
Titre du projet
Maximum CFI Contribution/
Contribution maximale de la FCI
Athabasca University
Connors, Martin Magnetometer Arrays for Electrojet Morphology and Pulsation Studies $74,000
Brock University
Wade, Terrance Infrastructure for socio-health research on children and youth $53,937
Carleton University
Van Oorschot, Paul Network and Software Security Research and Test Laboratory $137,557
McGill University
Armony, Jorge Neural and autonomic measures of cognitive-emotional interactions in healthy humans and in individuals with anxiety disorders $114,000
Bedford, Fiona Laboratory of Dr. Fiona Bedford for studying GABAA, receptor membrane trafficking and inhibitory synapses formation. $120,000
Colman, David Equipment for a new laboratory that studies myelin and synapse formation in living cells. $199,390
Davidson, Russell Inter-University Centre for Research in Econometrics and Quantitative methods in social sciences $137,932
Franchimont, Denis Automatic translational research channel $102,000
Gambacorti-Passerini, Carlo Oncogenic Fusion Protein unit at McGill University $150,000
Saideman, Stephen Research Unit for Quantitative Political Inquiry and Data Analysis. $44,754
McMaster University
Sharma, Arya Infrastructure for a Chair in Cardiovascular Obesity Research $125,577
Ayers, Paul Infrastructure for Theoretical Studies of Protein Structure and Dynamics, Enzyme Mechanism and Function, Heterogeneous Catalysis, and the Electronic Structures of Molecular Systems $113,715
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Bertolo, Robert A Piglet Model to Describe and Quantify the Metabolism of Amino Acids by the Neonatal Gastrointestinal Tract. $113,524
Driedzic, William Marine Bioscience $147,549
Johansen, Thormod Petroleum Reservoir Engineering and Characterization $125,000
Snelgrove, Paul Boreal and Cold Ocean Systems $97,256
Mount Allison University
Brett, Craig Creation of A Spatial Econometrics / Empirical Public Finance Research Laboratory at Mount Allison University $74,731
Queen's University
Day, Troy Equipment for the development and testing of theory in mathematical evolutionary biology $125,000
Saint Mary's University
Deupree, Robert Computer Infrastructure for the Director of the Institute for Computational Astrophysics $65,995
Simon Fraser University
Bingham, Derek Industrial Statistics Research Laboratory $120,000
Feenberg, Andrew Technology Studies Laboratory $120,000
University College of Cape Breton
Bartlett, Cheryl Computerized Analytical Equipment $74,988
University of Alberta
Baker, Glen A liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry system for analysis of drugs and metabolites, steroids and peptides $132,189
Brett, Michael Long throw - low pressure physical vapour deposition system for sputtering porous nanostructured thin films $123,600
Davidge, Sandra Physiology and pathophysiology of the cardiovascular system: Functional, biochemical and molecular assessments of the rodent heart and vascular systems with emphasis on the unique features $121,609
Glover, Mark Equipment for High-Throughput Protein, DNA, and RNA Production for x-ray Crystallography $129,413
Leys, Sally Cellular, developmental and physiological dynamics of basal metazoan body plans $154,280
University of British Columbia
Damascelli, Andrea State-of-the-art angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy apparatus for the study of electronic and magnetic interactions in novel complex systems. $250,000
Granville, David Biochemical Homestasis in Cardiovascular System $149,793
Heinonen, Ari Fracture prevention through novel quantification of bone structure and fall risk. $150,000
Kuske, Rachel Mathematical Research Centre for Industry and Applications (MaRCIA) $74,542
Maddison, Wayne Laboratory of Invertebrate Biodiversity and Phylogenetic Analysis. $149,720
Schober, Robert Computer Laboratory for Wireless Communication Research $121,124
Shapiro, Moshe Multi-wavelenght femtosecond laser for coherent control experiments. $250,000
Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric Linguistics and communicating systems: Investigating the linguistic and non-longuistic processes of multi-modal communicative behaviour $199,253
Weis, Dominique André Marie Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research (PCIGR): Geochemical preparation facility for radiogenic and heavy stable-isotopic analyses $125,000
University of Calgary
Bezdek, Karoly Computer Facility for the Centre for Computional Discrete Geometry $117,035
University of Manitoba
Chochinov, Harvey A palliative care research laboratory, and affiliated research satellite, for the storage and analysis of palliative care databases $122,352
Yang, Xi Study of the mechanisms of allergy/asthma and chlamydial diseases. $125,000
University of New Brunswick /
Université du Nouveau-Brunswick
Gants, David Research databases and computer infrastructure for proposed Chair in Humanities Computing, University of New Brunswick. $74,942
Ni, Yonghao Establishment of processing and testing facilities for Pulp and Paper Research and Innovation $75,000
University of Ottawa /
Université d’Ottawa
Bao, Xiaoyi Development of High Repetition Rate(40GHz) Active Mode Locked Fibre Laser for Optical Communication, Impairment Compensation, Non-Linear Fibre Optics Research and Medical Applications. $241,178
Hall, Trevor Photonic Packet Switches and Networks: Design Tools and Reconfigurable Parallel Optical Link Laboratory $187,524
University of Toronto
Chan Carusone, Anthony Integrated Systems Laboratory supporting Mixed-Signal Design and Test for Communication Applications $246,000
Clarke, David Chemical Modulation of Activity and Expression of ABC Transporters to Treat Human Diseases. $120,168
Dick, John Creation of a Stem Cell Biology Laboratory. $249,840
Kaplan, David The Neuroscience-Cancer Research Program at the Hospital for Sick Children $665,635
Mundy, Karen Centre for the study of global governance and comparative educational change $98,123
Roder, John Equipment for SNP detection and recording/imaging facility at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute. $125,000
Seltzer, Ze'ev Comparative Pain Genomics Laboratory $320,000
Stewart, Bryan Integrated laboratory for molecular, genetic, and physiological studies of synaptic transmission in drosophila $125,000
Vaziri, Homayoun Determinants of cellular life span $249,710
Walcott, Rinaldo The Other Canadians Database: Culture Re-making the Nation $100,000
University of Victoria
Boraston, Alisdair Facility for studies on carbohydrate-protein interactions $119,652
Darcie, Thomas Optical Systems Engineering Laboratory $272,500
Dost, Sadik A new crystal growth room for LPEE (Liquid Phase Electroepitaxy) and THM (Travelling Heater Method) growth systems, a new LPEE growth system with rotation capability, basic characterization equipment $295,500
Tunnicliffe, Verena Force-feedback manipulator arm for deep-sea remotely operated vehicle $125,000
University of Waterloo
Danckert, James Visuomotor control and eye movements laboratories in conjunction with functional magnetic resonance imaging hardware $63,707
Golnaraghi, Farid An Intelligent Mechatronics Systems lab with real-time distributed system for motion simulation and hardware-in-the-loop testing and model identification facilities for smart material in vibration... $124,996
Graham, Philip University of Waterloo Multimedia Laboratory for the Canadian Centre for Cultural Innovation $141,627
Li, Ming Information, Complexity, and Bioinformatics - Supporting Large Scale Bioinformatics Computing $121,353
University of Western Ontario
Huang, Yining Solids Capability for the NMR Facility at the University of Western Ontario $191,695
Jardine, John Mathematics Computation Network $62,802
Sham, Tsun Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) and Optical Spectrometer for XEOL (X-ray Excited Optical Luminescence) $151,407
Shaw, Gary Cryo Q Probe for Structural Neurobiology and Proteomics $207,743
Valvano, Miguel Pathogenomics of bacteria causing opportunistic infections $133,936
Vaziri, Hans Geomechanical Testing System for Petroleum Engineering Applications $148,800
Wahl, Linda Data Visualization System and Development Cluster for Computational Biology $81,350
University of Windsor
Buchanan, Lori Center for Computational and Behavioural Neuroscience $120,718
ElMaraghy, Hoda Equipment and Networking of Manufacturing Systems Research Laboratories $125,000
Fowle, David Great Lakes Biogeochemical Research Centre $127,500
Letcher, Robert Biomarker Facility for Biotransformation and Chemical Stress of Pollutants in Aquatic Wildlife and Humans $128,393
Université Laval
Duhaime, Gérard Banque de données sur la condition autochtone comparée $175,967
Joerin, Florent Infrastructure géomatique pour l'aide à la décision territoriale $87,304
Viger, Robert Specialized Equipment and Facilities for the Research Chair in Reproduction and Sex Development $124,756
Université de Montréal
Jolicoeur, Pierre Infrastructure for the establishement of a new Canada Research Chair in Experimental Cognitive Science. $145,723
Mourez, Michaël Chaire de recherche sur les maladies animales d'origine bactérienne. $128,549
Université de Sherbrooke
Beaulieu, Jean-François Facilité commune pour l'analyse de l'expression des gènes dans la cellule intestinale $108,631
Gallo-Payet, Nicole Équipement pour l'étude de l'expression et interaction de protéines cellulaires. $152,260
Université du QC Institut national de la rech. scientifique
Kieffer, Jean-Claude Système de correction de front d'onde pour laser de puissance. $118,650
Université du QC École de technologie supérieure
Masson, Christian Meteorological towers and computer-modelling development laboratory for advanced aerodynamics modelling of wind turbines in Nordic atmospheric flows $186,980
Université du Québec Télé-université
Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle Laboratoire de recherche sur les enjeux socio-organisationnels de l'économie du savoir et la collaboration $75,000
Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Bergeron, Yves Laboratoire de recherche $125,000
Université du Québec en Outaouais
Bock, Wojtek Canada Research Chair in Photonics - Material Processing Laboratory. $402,669
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Barnes, Sarah-Jane Metallogeny Laboratories $50,000
Farzaneh, Masoud Étude de l'apparition et du développement des décharges visibles à la surface de la glace accumulée sur les isolateurs externes $152,000
Université du Québec à Montréal
Forte, Alessandro Computational Geodynamics: Numerical Simulations of Solid Earth Dynamics on a Parallel Computer Cluster $211,844
Gagnon, Alain Infrastructures pour le Laboratoire interdisciplinaire et interuniversitaire de recherche sur la diversité, l'identité et la citoyenneté $30,750
Jouve, Bernard Système d'analyse multidimensionnelle des dynamiques territoriales et de globalistion $149,586
Marion, Mathieu Laboratoire de recherche en philosophie de la logique et des mathématiques $32,226
Wilfrid Laurier University
Parker, Linda Histology Equipment $73,857
York University
Hood, David Establishment of a Cell Physiology Laboratory on Mitochondrial Biogenesis $208,490
Mason, Steven Centre for the Study of Ancient Texts: Interpretation, Reception, and Audiences $71,993
Stutchbury, Bridget Genetics Laboratory for Research in Conservation Biology and Evolutionary Ecology $124,789
Whiteway, James Laser Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere $175,000
TOTALS 95 projects / projets $13,665,638