CFI announces $363 million to boost research capacity at Canadian research institutions

July 26, 2000

Ottawa, July 26, 2000…Dr. David W. Strangway, President and CEO of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), today announced an investment of $363 million to support 214 infrastructure projects in 59 Canadian universities, colleges, hospitals, and not-for-profit research institutions.

“These funds represent an unprecedented infusion of capital that will leverage an additional $545.3 million in funding from the provinces, and from partners in the private and voluntary sectors,” said Dr. Strangway. “This extraordinary level of partnership will not only benefit Canada’s research community, but will also play a critical role in strengthening Canada’s position in the global economy.”

Since August 1998, the CFI has invested a total of $839.3 million in research infrastructure at Canadian universities and research institutions. When coupled with contributions from other funding partners, the result is more than $2.097 billion in capital investment to help strengthen the research environment in Canadian institutions.

The projects announced today were approved by the CFI Board of Directors on the recommendation of multidisciplinary assessment committees made up of world-class experts from a wide range of fields and disciplines. To receive funding, applicants had to demonstrate the excellence and innovativeness of their projects and how they will benefit Canada. As a result: 

  • under the Innovation Fund, 41 institutions will receive a total of $354.3 million for 190 projects;
  • under the College Research Development Fund, the Board of Directors approved investments totalling $8.5 million for 21 projects in 15 institutions; and
  • under the University Research Development Fund, the CFI will invest $714,000 to support 3 projects at 3 institutions.

 “The government of Canada congratulates these research institutions and the researchers for the excellent projects that were selected following a highly competitive process,” said Mme Lucienne Robillard, President of the Treasury Board and Minister responsible for Infrastructure. “The CFI is an important element of the federal government strategy to ensure Canada’s success in the global economy. The Foundation plays a significant role in enhancing the well-being of citizens as well as Canada’s reputation as an excellent place in which to invest and live.”

Dr. Strangway also announced that, starting in 2001, the CFI will hold future competitions under these three funds.

“Thanks to the extension of the CFI mandate to 2005, and the $900 million budget increase that was announced in the last federal budget, we will be able to further invest in the development of the research capacity of Canadian universities and research institutions,” said the CFI’s Dr. Strangway. “Our universities and research institutions play a critical role in ensuring Canada’s research leadership, and in ensuring that communities across Canada reap the benefits of the knowledge-based economy.”

The CFI is an independent, not-for-profit organization established by the federal government in 1997 to address an urgent need of Canada’s research community for new, state-of-the-art research infrastructure. The CFI has been entrusted with a capital budget of $1.9 billion, and its investments are made in partnership with all levels of government, and with the private and voluntary sectors. Its work focuses on health, science, engineering, and the environment.

For more information, please contact: 

Pierre Normand
Canada Foundation for Innovation
Telephone: (613) 943-1319
Fax: (613) 943-0923

Canada Foundation for Innovation
Fondation canadienne pour l'innovation

Innovation Fund / Fonds d’innovation 

Institution / Établissement Projects Approved 
/ Projets appuyés
B.C. Cancer Research Centre 1
Brock University 2
Carleton University 2
Concordia University 1
Dalhousie University 3
Forintek Canada Corp. 1
London Health Sciences Centre 1
McGill University 22
McMaster University 6
Memorial University of Newfoundland 4
Mount Sinai Hospital 1
Queen's University 9
Simon Fraser University 3
St. Boniface General Hospital 1
St. Joseph's Hospital (Hamilton) 1
St. Michael's Hospital 1
Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre 2
The Hospital for Sick Children 1
Trent University 2
University Health Network 1
University of Alberta 6
University of British Columbia 19
University of Calgary 5
University of Guelph 3
University of Manitoba 8
University of Ottawa 6
University of Regina 1
University of Saskatchewan 4
University of Toronto 11
University of Victoria 4
University of Waterloo 11
University of Western Ontario 13
University of Windsor 3
Université Laval 7
Université de Montréal 13
Centre universitaire de santé de l'Estrie 1
Université du Québec - INRS 1
Université du Québec à Montréal 2
Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre 1
York University 1
École Polytechnique de Montréal 5

College Research Development Fund /
Fonds de développement de la recherche dans les collèges

Institution / Établissement Projects Approved / 
Projets appuyés
College of the North Atlantic 1
Collège de Maisonneuve 1
CÉGEP Vanier Collège 1
CÉGEP de La Pocatière 1
CÉGEP de Lévis-Lauzon 1
CÉGEP de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue 1
Fanshawe College 1
Institut Tech. Agro-Alimentaire de La Pocatière 1
Niagara College 1
Olds College 3
Sault College 2
Sheridan College 1
Sir Sandford Fleming College 1
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology 1
Technical University of British Columbia 4

University Research Development Fund /
Fonds de développement de la recherche universitaire

Institution / Établissement Projects Approved / 
Projets appuyés
Ryerson Polytechnic University 1
Saint Mary's University 1
Université du Québec à Hull 1

List of approved projects by institution / 
Liste des projets appuyés par établissement

Innovation Fund / Fonds d'innovation

Institution / Établissement Maximum CFI Contribution / Contribution maximale de la FCI Project title / Titre du projet
B.C. Cancer Research Centre $27,800,000 · Centre for integrated genomics: The new B.C. Cancer Research Centre
Brock University $120,000 · Motion Analysis for Movement Disabilities
$40,063 · Integrated Automated Parallel Synthesis System
Carleton University $665,576 · Center for the Behavioral, Molecular and Clinical Study of Neuronal Dysfunction
$3,862,129 · POLARIS - Portable Observatories for Lithospheric Analysis and Research Investigating Seismicity
Concordia University $193,422 · Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance-Special Instructional Environments (CSLP-SIE)
Dalhousie University $1,445,716 · Marine Environmental Prediction System for real-time observation, prediction and visualization
$3,454,781 · Facilities for Materials Characterization
$101,054 · A Longitudinal Population-Level Database on Child and Youth Health in Nova Scotia
Forintek Canada Corp. $1,266,000 · Establishing a computerized tomography laboratory to maximize the value recovery from Canada's forest resource
London Health Sciences Centre $3,196,857 · National Centre for Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery
McGill University $4,000,000 · Consortium Laval - UQAM - McGill and Eastern Quebec (CLUMEQ), for High Performance Computational Simulation and Visualization
$1,540,887 · Integrated and innovative agri-food processing technologies/Technologies de pointe dans la transformation intégrée agro-alimentaire
$640,691 · Ultra-Trace Element Analytical Facility
$3,000,000 · Centre de Thérapie Expérimentale du Cancer de Montréal (CTECM) Montreal Centre for Experimental Therapeutics in Cancer (MCETC)
$825,289 · Upgrade of the Atmospheric Remote Sensing Facilities of McGill University/Modernisation et expansion des installations de télédétection atmosphérique de l'Université McGill.
$3,307,159 · Plant productivity
$2,110,000 · Montreal research centre for the development of microbe-free/disease resistant poultry
$306,632 · Development of a Dairy Information Systems Laboratory for Canada
$1,090,214 · Alleviation of environmental degradation due to intensive agriculture and anthropogenic contamination
$3,200,000 · Montreal Network for Pharmaco-Proteomics and Structural Genomics
$11,302,048 · Quebec Integrated Health Research Network (IHRN).
$724,800 · Experimental Facilities for Research in Multi-Media Communication Systems Technology
$384,963 · Research Facilities for Non-Intrusive, Near field, Subsurface Sensing and Imaging of Geo-structures and Civil Infrastructure
$1,620,379 · Montreal Centre for Advanced Bone and Periodontal Research Centre Montréalais de recherche sur le tissu osseux et le parodonte
$3,892,962 · The Brain Tumour Initiative at the Montreal Neurological Institute
$2,616,502 · Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music, Media, and Technology
$2,633,600 · Quebec Regional High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
$3,708,463 · Tools for Nanoscience and Technology ('Nanotools')
$1,516,906 · Multicentre Pain Research Initiative
$465,000 · Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology
$11,589,844 · Montreal Consortium for Brain Imaging Research (MCBIR)
$694,675 · Montreal Network for the Study of Language, Mind and Brain
McMaster University $9,600,000 · Centre for Molecular Medicine and Health
$223,895 · Broadband Multimedia Server for the Humanities
$88,197 · Membrane Test and Evaluation Equipment
$101,837 · Regional brain neurochemistry, psychostimulant-induced behavior, and mental disorders
$2,642,662 · Communication Technology Research Centre
$5,193,408 · Biomolecular Interactions Initiative
Memorial University of Newfoundland $822,124 · Memorial University Computer Network Upgrade
$301,379 · Center for Chemical Analysis and Applied Research (CCAAR)
$103,766 · Digital Research Centre for Qualitative Fieldwork
$51,256 · Development of a Canadian Earthquake Modelling Capability
Mount Sinai Hospital $1,911,614 · BIRD-Infrastructure for Biochips and Biorobotics, Imaging and Patient Sample Repository and Database
Queen's University $15,892,932 · System-On-Chip Research Network: A national library of microelectronic system components and CAD tools available to multiple research sites through secure communication links
$1,132,266 · Campus Data Network Upgrade
$1,014,193 · A Research Facility for the Next-Generation Internet
$238,524 · Facility for Long-term Climatic and Environmental Change Research
$4,949,000 · High Performance Computing Infrastructure for the High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory (HPCVL)
$3,500,491 · Protein Function Discovery: The next challenge of the genomics era
$86,292 · Enhancement of Public Opinion and Survey Research Archives and Database
$444,366 · Eye-Hand Coordination: Laboratories to Study the Neural and Behavioural Basis of Motor Function and Dysfunction
$1,029,567 · A Centre for Innovative Research in Gastrointestinal Science and Disease
Simon Fraser University $154,880 · Advanced Imaging and Electrophysiological Systems for Studying the Heart
$728,084 · HPC@SFU: A Modern Heterogeneous High Performance Parallel Computing Environment
$362,256 · Telematics Research Laboratory
St. Boniface General Hospital $940,431 · Equipment for Biophysical and Functional Studies of the Cardiovascular System for Drug Discovery
St. Joseph's Hospital (Hamilton) $2,739,536 · Neurobiology of stress, mood and anxiety disorders
St. Michael's Hospital $1,685,107 · Cardiovascular Gene Therapy Initiative
Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre $4,500,000 · Sunnybrook and Women's College Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Research Centre
$1,336,150 · Developing a World Class Data Warehouse for Health Services Research and Building Capabilities for Research, Training and Translating Evidence into Action
The Hospital for Sick Children $5,294,947 · Mouse Imaging Centre for Canada
Trent University $440,000 · Establishment of a Natural Resources DNA Profiling and Forensic Centre
$670,000 · Isotope Ratio Laboratory for Environmental Biogeochemistry Studies
University Health Network $4,988,487 · Genes, Proteins and People: Canada's First Initiative in Clinical Genomics (Genetic Profiling, Transcription Profiling and Proteomics)
University of Alberta $4,569,000 · Positron Emission Tomography for Basic Research, Radiopharmaceutical Development and Translational Research in Patients with Cancer - An Alberta Cancer Board/University of Alberta Joint Project
$1,218,701 · Bamfield Marine Station: Infrastructure for Studies in Biodiversity and Bio-Environmental Fluid Dynamics
$1,508,000 · Image-guided Adaptive Radiotherapy
$170,000 · Development of a competitive wear/surface research laboratory
$187,612 · Initiative for Engineered Biomaterials Research
$576,000 · Innovative instrumentation for advanced proteome research
University of British Columbia $3,139,062 · UBC Network Project: Infrastructure and equipment to provide ubiquitous high-bandwidth research networking across UBC plus high-speed communications links to off-campus medical research facilities.
$516,213 · An Education Information Data Centre for British Columbi
$900,000 · Centre for Biological Microscopy and Imaging
$8,855,000 · ICICS - Institute for computing, information and cognitive systems
$553,815 middot; Geophysical Disaster Computational Fluid Dynamics Centre
$1,550,000 · High Resolution Functional Imaging in Neurodegenerative Diseases
$882,377 · Environmental Biotechnology Facility: new and integrated approaches to understanding and exploiting microbial potential for bioremediation and green chemistry
$2,762,535 · Laboratory for Functional Genomics (LFG)
$3,251,006 · Pacific centre for advanced materials and microstructures
$100,000 · Centre for Studies in Autobiography, Gender, and Age (SAGA)
$1,222,270 · Engineering of Processes and Materials in the Wake of Kyoto
$266,997 · Advanced High-Speed Microelectronic Characterization
$1,256,806 · Centre for Environmental Research in Minerals, Metals and Materials
$4,250,000 · Fisheries ecosystems research laboratory
$517,164 · CGDN and UBC Bioinformatics Infrastructure (CUBI)
$1,053,800 · UBC Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research
$998,644 · Earthquake Engineering Research Facility
$6,497,000 · The iCAPTURE Centre: Imaging, Cell Analysis and Phenotyping Toward Understanding [Reparative, Responsive, Remodeling, Recombinant] Events
$2,253,662 · Centre for Nutrition Research in Fetal, Infant and Child Development
University of Calgary $430,000 · Language Research Facility
$120,000 · Driving Simulation Facility for Research on Traffic Accidents, Driver Behaviour and Assessment, Development and Aging, and Intelligent Transportation Systems
$3,256,247 · Nutrition, Genetics and Human Performance
$162,403 · CCD X-Ray diffractometer
$150,000 · Genetics and Developmental Biology Laboratories
University of Guelph $1,212,725 · Electrochemical Technology Center
$570,519 · National Proton Microprobe Facility for Environmental Analysis
$2,172,444 · Enhancing Fish Performance: From Genes to Populationse
University of Manitoba $605,242 · Establishment of a Centre for Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry
$615,630 · Electron Microprobe
$112,200 · A strategic information source for environmental management: development of a biological database and inventory for insect research
$777,309 · Centre for Genetic Models of Human Disease
$685,748 · Infrastructure for Research in Sustainable Crop Production Systems
$239,408 · Prediction and Alleviation of Icing of Structures
$948,293 · Microfabricated Software Adaptive Antennas for Broadband Wireless Communications
$423,854 · Laboratory for Refined Molecular Stratification (Molecular Profiling) of Human Breast Lesions for Determination of Cancer Risk and Prognosis
University of Ottawa $2,232,468 · SAVANT: Software engineering And Visualisation for Applications in the Next-generation InterneT
$100,000 · Integration of an on-line patient information with decision-aid systems, using data acquisition and repository equipment and related technology
$2,147,023 · Centre for Catalysis Research and Innovation
$2,217,340 · Center for apoptosis research and preclinical evaluation (CARPE)
$4,932,344 · Center for Stem Cell and Gene Therapy
$360,063 · Genetic analysis of embryonic development: creation of a center for the elucidation of gene function
University of Regina $402,584 · A High Performance Computing Farm for Subatomic Physics Research
University of Saskatchewan $363,370 · Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Research Laborato
$1,011,786 · New Generation Mass Spectrometers for Earth System Science Research
$5,151,773 · "Vaccine Research and Development Facility".
$1,511,570 · The Saskatchewan Centre for Biomolecular Research
University of Toronto $642,508 · F2 - Laser Nanofabrication Facilitye
University of Toronto $599,122 · Centre for Studies in Molecular Imaging
$936,500 · Centre for Integrative Research on Stress and the Brain
$244,000 · Value Added Wood Products and Composites
$974,366 · Joint Facility for Novel Superconducting and Magnetic Materials
$2,358,983 · Centre for Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology (CABB)
$1,567,275 · Organic and Polymer Optoelectronics Laboratory (OPOL)
$100,000 · Scalable and Inexpensive Computing with Clusters of SMPs Interconnected with Low-latency, High-bandwidth Programmable System Area Networks
$2,760,800 · University of Toronto Growth Facility for Plant Researche
$668,996 · Centre for Research on Diet and Cancer
$787,426 · Ontario Regional Facility for Surface and Interfacial Characterisation
University of Victoria $239,516 · Canadian Facility for Marine Acoustic Remote Sensing
$711,080 · Experimental Laboratory for Instrument Development in Astrophysics
$265,897 · Field laboratory to study carbon and hydrological cycles and other ecosystem processes in temperate rain forests of coastal British Columbia
$357,418 · Proteomics Facility - University of Victoria Protein Chemistry Centre
University of Waterloo $282,026 · Software Technology for Embedded Control Programs: The Effective Evolution of Very Large Legacy Communications Software
$373,842 · Waterloo Centre for High-Performance Computing
$500,406 · Testing and On-Line Quality Control for Advanced Polymeric Materials and Polymerization Processes
$300,000 · Industrially Focused Analytical Research Laboratory (InFAReL)
$1,785,857 · Integrated Centre for Visualization, Design and Manufacturing
$2,400,000 · Roads and Pavements Research
$820,865 · 500 MHz Micro-Magnetic Resonance Imager (MRI) for Quantitative Multiscale Science of Porous Media
$2,135,415 · Live Fire Research Facility
$547,246 · Waterloo Atmospheric Observatory (WAO)
$84,200 · Canadian Elections Database - 1867 to the Present - A Research Tool to Support Analysis of Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Electoral Behaviour in Canada
$318,866 · Air pollution research institute - This project provides infrastructure for a new interdisciplinary institute aimed at developing technologies that minimize the emissions of air pollutants.
University of Western Ontario $2,400,000 · Facility for Nanoscale Patterning, Growth and Functionalization of Surfaces
$920,000 · Centre for Analytical and Theoretical Studies of Solid Surfaces, Boundaries and Interfaces
$462,800 · Innovations on Nano-Biosensor Technology- Biosensors based on Biological Transducers for Environmental Monitoring
$547,557 · Stable-Isotope Science Western: A University Center for Continuous-Flow, Stable-Isotope Mass-Spectrometry in the Anthropological, Biological, Earth, Environmental, Health and Physical Sciences
University of Western Ontario $698,512 · Research Infrastructure to support the study of Particulate Systems in Crystallization, Fluidization, Multi-Phase Reactors, and Drying
$823,638 · A Facility for Modeling, Visualization, and Virtual-Reality based Interaction
$224,125 · Physiology of Ageing and Exercise: Ameliorating the Loss of Function
$130,767 · Bioarchaeology Research Facility at the University of Western Ontario
$827,723 · Chemical Reactor Engineering for Environmentally Friendly Products and Processes
$340,000 · Environmental Fluid Flows: Modelling and Experimentation
$6,616,620 · SHARC-Net: Shared Hierarchical Academic Research Computing Network
$2,381,300 · Centre for Brain and Mind: A Facility for Primate Neurophysiology and Neuroimaging
$565,345 · Facility for innovative large-scale geotechnical testing of new and existing infrastructure products, geotechnical designs and construction procedures
University of Windsor $593,325 · Solid State NMR Facility
$700,694 · Biomolecular Characterization and Dynamics Research Facility
$499,680 · Geographic/Spatial Information Systems and Related Research Equipment: Environmental Earth Sciences
Université Laval $134,607 · Équipements pour l'étude des interactions plantes-stress biotique et abiotique
$800,000 · Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility for the Study of Protein Structure
$1,824,996 · CRULRG - Infrastructure stratégique intégrant la génétique psychiatrique et la neurobiologie
$342,515 · Équipement de mobilisation des brise-glace de classe 1200 de la Garde côtière pour recherches océanographiques polaires concertées
$2,995,887 · La géomatique au service de l'agriculture de précision
$3,884,396 · Infrastructure technologique provinciale pour la recherche en adaptation-réadaptation et en intégration sociale
$728,389 · Re-engineering of an ultrafast powerful Ti-sapphire laser system
Université de Montréal $1,876,600 · Consortium en Technologies Cardiovasculaires (CTC): conception et évaluation de capteurs et modes d'intervention minimalement invasifs pour diagnostic et traitement de pathologies cardiovasculaires
$702,270 · Nouveaux modèles expérimentaux de pathologies humaines : évaluations cellulaire et physiologique
$398,296 · Infrastructure for combinatorial synthesis and chemical diversity - A new technology for drug discovery
$2,751,169 · Mise en place d'une plate-forme technologique pour la recherche sur l'oeil et la vision.
$2,255,841 · Fonds d'infrastructure pour le développement de la génomique fonctionnellle appliquée aux maladies cardiovasculaires incluant des équipements de phénotypage et génotypage animal et humain
$999,463 · Réseau de banques de tissus et de données pour les cancers du sein et de l'ovaire
$3,000,000 · Imagerie vasculaire appliquée aux nouvelles therapies endovasculaires
$1,428,212 · Aménagement labo d'analyse de pointe, labo de manipulation de virus pathogènes de facilités
$5,293,594 · Réseau de communication à haute vitesse à l'Université de Montréal et ses centres hospitaliers affiliés
$289,353 · Pharmacologie de la maladie parodontale
$365,375 · Immunobiologie de la greffe de cellules souches hématopoiétiques
$1,500,000 · Surdimensionalité de l'information et réseaux collaboratifs à distance
$5,380,089 · Developing social statistics for evidence-based public debate: towards a national network of Research Data Centres
Centre universitaire de santé de l'Estrie $1,163,653 · Centre de recherche en inflammation. Construction d'une infrastructure de laboratoires et d'animalerie spécialisée.
Université du QC Institut national de la rech. scientifique $910,860 · Laboratoire multidisciplinaire de scanographie pour les ressources naturelles et le génie civil
Université du Québec à Montréal $256,000 · Laboratoire d'analyse des matériaux et d'électrochimie
$290,000 · Techniques isotopiques dans les sciences de l'environnement et les sciences de la vie.
Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre $617,859 · North Pacific Marine Mammal Species-at-Risk Research Centre
York University $668,212 · Canadian Institute for Research on the African Diaspora
École Polytechnique de Montréal $4,081,244 · Consortium de micro/nanoingénierie des matériaux et des systèmes
$3,793,777 · Facility for Advanced Millimeter-Wave Engineering (FAME)
$1,916,633 · Laboratoire de recherche en fabrication virtuelle
$3,175,000 · Dispositifs médicaux intelligents (DMI): Design, construction, essais et validation in vitro et in vivo
$661,553 · Laboratoire de nouveaux matériaux pour des systèmes électrochimiques

College Research Development Fund /
Fonds de développement de la recherche dans les collèges

Institution / Établissement Maximum CFI Contribution / Contribution maximale de la FCI Project title / Titre du projet
College of the North Atlantic $670,060 · GeoSpatial Research Facility for Terrestrial Ecosystems
Collège de Maisonneuve $93,827 · Création d'un laboratoire de recherche et développement de procédés chimiques environnementaux
CÉGEP Vanier College $140,170 · Investigating Teaching/Learning of Science and Mathematics Using Technology
CÉGEP de La Pocatièree $662,160 · Consortium de recherche en productique
CÉGEP de Lévis-Lauzon $800,000 · Modernisation et développement de l'infrastructure de recherche en biotechnologies et technologies de pointe de fabrication et de transformation du Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon.
CÉGEP de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue $594,000 · Utilisation de la biomasse forestière résiduelle comme source d'approvisionnement pour l'amendement des sols ou comme supplément aux fourrages animal.
Fanshawe College $243,230 · The Impact of Short-Term Variations in Urban and Rural Air Quality on Human Health.
Institut Tech Agro-Alim de La Pocatière $52,700 · Unité de recherche sur le compostage à la ferme des fumiers et des résidus organiques originant des municipalités situées en milieu rural
Niagara College $797,110 · Niagara College Industrial Solutions Research Unit (ISRU)
Olds College $152,343 · Plant Stress Physiology Laboratory
$133,400 · Large Scale Process Control Equipment for Actively Aerated Windrow and In-Vessel Composting Systems.
$520,030 · Livestock Improvement Centre
Sault College $684,221 · Understanding Forest Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change and Intensive Forest Management.
$68,169 · Impacts of Hydro-electric Dam Operations on River Ecosystems
Sheridan College $599,292 · The Sheridan Elder Research Centre: interdisciplinary psychosocial approaches to aging, social services/gerontology, design, the Internet, consumerism, intergenerational study, and the creative arts.
Sir Sandford Fleming College $389,733 · Applied Technologies for Healthy Aging Research Laboratory
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology $406,400 · Amoco Control Engineering Technology Centre: Fieldbus Lab application development, evaluation and technology transfer.
Technical University of British Columbia $393,349 · Information Networking and Multimedia Centre (InfoNet Media Centre) A Versatile Environment for Multimedia Networking and Applications
$351,054 · Shared Virtual Environments
$184,880 · EC3: Electronic Commerce/Communications/Communities Applications Laboratory
$526,388 · Interactivity Research Lab

University Research Development Fund / 
Fonds de développement de la recherche universitaire

Institution / Établissement Maximum CFI Contribution / Contribution maximale de la FCI Project title / Titre du projet
Ryerson Polytechnic University $395,979 · Laboratory for Electric Drive Applications and Research (LEDAR): An advanced research laboratory dedicated to the development and applications of innovative electric motor speed control systems.
Saint Mary's University $185,551 · Maritime Provinces Spatial Analysis Research Unit
Université du Québec à Hull $132,660 · Infrastructure de télécommunication - Mise à niveau du réseau de télécommunication