Canadian universities receive $17.6 million for research infrastructure to support 92 new researchers

November 15, 2001

Ottawa, November 15, 2001 -- Ms. Carmen Charette, Senior Vice-President of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), announced today an investment of $17.6 million to provide world-class research facilities for new faculty members at 33 Canadian universities. Mrs. Brenda Chamberlain, Member of Parliament for Guelph-Wellington and University of Guelph President, Dr. Mordechai Rozanski, also participated in the announcement which took place at the University of Guelph.

“This is a strategic investment in the ability of our universities to attract and retain the best researchers in Canada, and in the capacity of our people to compete with the best in the world,” said Ms. Charette. “These 92 new researchers will have access to the equipment and facilities they need to undertake leading-edge research and to train young Canadians for the knowledge-based economy.”

“By investing in the activities of organizations such as the CFI, the Government of Canada is fully engaged in making Canada one of the most innovative countries in the world by 2010,” said Mrs. Chamberlain on behalf of the Honourable Brian Tobin, Minister of Industry. “Congratulations to the recipients and their institutions, for their outstanding performance in this competition for funding”.

The $17.6 million CFI investment is being awarded through two funds. Under the New Opportunities Fund, the CFI Board of Directors approved an investment of $13.8 million to support 80 infrastructure projects at 33 universities. This program launches the careers of new and talented faculty members as well as helping universities retain existing researchers and attract new high-calibre talent.

Under the Infrastructure Operating Fund, the CFI is awarding $3.8 million to universities who have received New Opportunities Funds. This new program will help universities with operating and maintenance costs associated with new infrastructure projects supported by the CFI.

The CFI is an independent, not-for-profit corporation established by the Government of Canada in 1997 to address an urgent need of Canada’s research community: new, state-of-the-art research infrastructure. The CFI has been entrusted with a capital investment budget of $3.15 billion, and its investments are made in partnership with all levels of government, as well as with the private and voluntary sectors.

A list of the projects approved by the CFI to date, and a listing of the approved funding for this announcement, are available here.

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Canada Foundation for Innovation /
Fondation canadienne pour l’innovation

New Opportunities Fund / Fonds de relève

Institution / Établissement Projects Approved /
Projets appuyés
Acadia University 1
Brock University 1
Carleton University 4
Dalhousie University 1
Laurentian University 1
Malaspina University-College 1
McGill University 3
McMaster University 4
Memorial University of Newfoundland 1
Nova Scotia Agricultural College 1
Queen’s University 2
Ryerson Polytechnic University 2
Simon Fraser University 1
University College of Cape Breton 1
University of Alberta 3
University of British Columbia 8
University of Calgary 3
University of Guelph 3
University of Manitoba 2
University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa 6
University of Prince Edward Island 1
University of Regina 1
University of Saskatchewan 5
University of Toronto 2
University of Victoria 2
University of Waterloo 3
University of Windsor 1
Université Laval 2
Université de Montréal 7
Université de Sherbrooke 3
Université du Québec à Rimouski 1
Wilfrid Laurier University 1
York University 2
Total of 33 universities/des universités 80

List of Approved Projects by Institution /
Liste des projets appuyés par établissement

New Opportunities Fund / Fonds de relève

Institution / Établissement Maximum CFI Contribution / Contribution maximale de la FCI Project Title / Titre du projet
Acadia University $159,926 Centre of Lifestyle Studies Exercise Science Laboratories
Brock University $92,773 Electroencephalography (EEG) and Event-related Potential (ERP) Multiple Channel Recording System for Sleep Research
Carleton University $196,888 Architectural Multimedia Studio - AMS
$167,101 Plant Growth and Functional Genomics Facility to Elucidate the Molecular Controls of Wood Formation
$107,074 Facility for Long-Term Integrated Field and Laboratory Analysis of Biotic Response to Unpredictable Environments
$55,474 Electronic Commerce Infrastructure
Dalhousie University $100,000 Auditory Neuroscience Research Laboratory
Laurentian University $58,703 Novel Drug and Vaccine Delivery Systems Facility
Malaspina University-College $25,000 Marine Invertebrate Cell Lines and their Applications
McGill University $72,000 Role of cnc and Maf Factors in Mammalian Differentiation and Oncogenesis / Rôle des facteurs cnc et Maf dans la différenciation et l'oncogènese mammifère
$100,000 mRNA Export and Turnover Affecting Cell Growth and Cell Differentiation
$128,626 Molecular Mechanisms of Sorting and Targeting of Neuronal Proteins
McMaster University $186,463 Fish Reproductive Behaviour Facility
$178,041 Mathematical Biology Research and Computing Infrastructure
$388,839 Design and Test Laboratory (DTL)
$251,150 New Directions in the Chemistry of Heavy Group-16 Elements: Closed-Shell Bonding Interactions, Supramolecular Synthons, Nonlinear-Optical Chromophores
Memorial University of Newfoundland $166,931 Detection of Genetic Variants for Obesity, Diabetes, and Other Complex Diseases in the Population of Newfoundland
Nova Scotia Agricultural College $202,428 Poultry Science Food Safety and Meat-Quality Research Facilities
Queen's University $84,459 Evolutionary Biology Molecular and Field Research Facility
$144,000 Establishment of a Biomolecular NMR Facility
Ryerson Polytechnic University $60,000 Innovative Corrosion Detection Technique in Concrete Structures
$61,840 Analytical Laboratory for Studies of Mercury Speciation in the Natural Environment
Simon Fraser University $200,000 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope for High Resolution Imaging of Materials
University College of Cape Breton $63,867 Mathematics Computational Research Lab
University of Alberta $553,119 2-Photon/Confocal Microscopy in Voltage-Clamped Respiratory Neurons
$87,198 Structural Studies of Smooth Muscle Regulation
$118,423 Electromagnetic Instrumentation for Studies of the Continents
University of British Columbia $140,404 Cellular Neurophysiology Laboratory
$124,940 Cellular and Molecular Analysis and Imaging Facility at The Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital
$125,000 Understanding Signal Transduction Networks in Mouse Development Using Microscopy Imaging
$125,000 Animal MRI facility for The Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital
$125,802 Infrastructure for Integrated Advanced Oxidation and Biological Treatment of Environmental Contaminants
$131,764 Laboratory for Directed Evolution and Combinatorial Selection of Nucleic Acid Ligands and Catalysts for Chemical Transformation and Gene Therapies
$123,689 Ultrasound Innovation Laboratory
$124,672 Laboratory of Microbial Pathogenesis and Host Interaction
University of Calgary $234,002 Foothills Climate Array; Spatial Array of Meteorological Instruments to Study Mesoscale Climatological Processes, Precipitation and Air Temperature Variability, and Regional Climate Change
$144,340 Thermal Science Facilities
$160,490 The Experimental Economics Laboratory at the University of Calgary: A Facility for Innovative Research on Decision-Making and Market Institutions with Direct Relevance to Economic and Social Policy.
University of Guelph $173,693 Applications of Molecular Phylogenetics in Biodiversity Studies
$204,206 Infrastructure to Support a Comparative Veterinary Respiratory Facility
$176,663 Integrated Facility for Functional Characterization of Enzymes: New Biotechnological Applications and Novel Targets for Antimicrobial Compounds.
University of Manitoba $231,739 Infrastructure for Neurobiology Laboratory: Lifespan Brain Plasticity with a Focus on Recovery from Damage and Developmental Disorders.
$280,463 Centre for Advanced Animal Metabolism Research
University of Ottawa/ Université d’Ottawa $188,059 Quantitative Cerebral Perfusion in Stroke
$80,198 Software Correctness and Safety
$213,705 Modulation of Apoptosis for Treatment of Cancer: a Proteomics Approach
$199,822 Changes in Gene Expression Associated with Tumorigenesis and Cancer Therapy
$191,334 Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Steel Pipe Structural Behaviour
$339,988 Infrastructure for the Perinatal Epidemiolgy Unit
University of Prince Edward Island $51,576 Infrastructure for Molecular Recognition of Chromosomal DNA Structures.
University of Regina $70,602 Probing the Mu-opioid Receptor in Model Membranes, Membrane Patches and Whole Cells: Tracking the Effects of Natural Ligands and Synthetic Drugs on Cell Development
University of Saskatchewan $106,560 Improving Stress Tolerant Nitrogen Fixation in Pulses
$388,460 Scanning Probe Microscope Facility for Nanomaterials Science
$387,529 A Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy Endstation for the U of S
$160,277 High-Performance and Parallel Computer for Condensed Matter Research
$215,453 Investigations of Nano-structured Organic Materials
University of Toronto $310,576 Molecular Genetic Epidemiology of Complex Psychiatric Disorders
$200,000 Design principles for new optical materials
University of Victoria $41,707 Validation, Verification, and Object Technology (VVOT)
$115,841 Boundary Layer Airflow and Sediment Transport (BLAST) Research Unit
University of Waterloo $369,584 Computing Infrastructure: A Collaborative Computing Environment for Research in Mathematical and Computer Sciences
$198,815 Integrated Laboratory for Rapid Assessment, Informatics and Modeling of Aquatic Ecosystems (ILRAIM)
$151,274 Integrative Vascular Biology Laboratory (IVBL): Molecules-to-Physiology
University of Windsor $66,450 Efficient, Scalable, and Intelligent Scheduling in Heterogeneous Parallel Systems
Université Laval $182,767 Établissement d'un laboratoire de recherche sur un modèle de souris pour le syndrome de Werner et le cancer
$209,738 In Vivo and In Vitro Laboratory for Electrophysiological and Morphological Studies of Brain Activities
Université de Montréal $130,562 Écologie et génétique des populations naturelles de poissons
$65,436 Mechanical Modeling and Imaging Facility
$875,310 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory for Macromolecular Structure Determination
$79,521 Infrastructure de capture et d'analyse statistique de séquences d'images pour la recherche et le suivi de formes en vision par ordinateur
$62,224 High-Performance Computing Infrastructure to Support the Modeling and Simulation of Complex Structures and Dynamics in Ecological Systems
$217,339 Establishment of a Metabolic Research Unit within the Department of Nutrition at the Université de Montréal
$267,516 In Situ Deposition, Ion Implantation and Characterization System for the Improvement and the Development of High- Technology Materials
Université de Sherbrooke $135,240 Équipements de mesures pour laboratoire hyperfréquence
$127,573 Système de micro-usinage laser pour le prototypage de dispositifs micro-mécaniques
$104,959 Molecular Mechanisms and Cell Compartments Involved in the Regulation and Trafficking of the Thromboxane A2 Receptors
Université du Québec à Rimouski $253,818 Installation d'un laboratoire d'écologie moléculaire pour estimer la biodiversité et le potentiel évolutif des organismes aquatiques de l'Arctique
Wilfrid Laurier University $77,157 Purchase of a Three-Dimensional Motion Analysis System, a Vibration Sensation Testing Device and a Force Platform
York University $172,467 A Facility to Express, Purify and Characterize Biomolecules for High-Resolution NMR Studies
$159,492 Brain Mechanisms of Visuomotor Integration in Human and Non-Human Primates
TOTAL $13,806,119