Canadian universities to receive $14.6 million for new research infrastructure

July 10, 2001

Ottawa, July 10, 2001…Dr. David Strangway, President and CEO of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), today announced an investment of $14.6 million to support the development of advanced research facilities at 29 Canadian universities. The Honourable John Manley, Minister of Foreign Affairs, participated in the announcement which took place at the University of Ottawa.

"Our investment will enable over 150 researchers and new faculty at Canadian universities to compete globally in the knowledge-based economy," said Dr. Strangway. "It will also help enhance our intellectual capital, protect the environment, improve our health, create commercial opportunities, and help to ensure a better quality of life for Canadians."

"The CFI investment is critical because it provides our universities with world-class research infrastructure to attract and retain the best researchers, and to strengthen their research and training environment," added the Honourable John Manley, Minister of Foreign Affairs. "By investing in the activities of organizations such as the CFI, the Government of Canada is fully engaged in making Canada one of the most innovative countries in the world by 2010."

The $14.6 million CFI investment is being awarded through two funds. Under the New Opportunities Fund, the CFI Board of Directors approved an investment of $12.2 million to support 68 infrastructure projects at 23 universities. The projects will enable 92 new researchers at Canadian universities to have access to a wide range of advanced equipment and installations including: 

  • a genetics and imaging laboratory at Simon Fraser University to study cellular structures involved in the treatment of breast cancer;
  • a functional foods and nutraceutical research facility at the University of Calgary to develop nutrition-based strategies for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer;
  • a DNA sequencer at the University of Winnipeg to study male infertility;
  • specialized equipment at the University of Toronto for the application of ultraviolet light in water disinfection and purification;
  • a laboratory at the University of Montreal to study farm contamination by food pathogens, and the management of biological risks associated with meat; and
  • X-ray equipment at the University of Prince Edward Island to develop polymer-graphite composites for use in lithium rechargeable batteries.

Under the University Research Development Fund, the CFI is awarding $2.4 million to support 9 infrastructure projects in social sciences and humanities, engineering, and the environment at 7 universities. These awards are aimed at strengthening the research capacity in areas of strategic importance for smaller universities in Canada.

The CFI is an independent, not-for-profit corporation established by the Government of Canada in 1997 to address an urgent need of Canada's research community: new, state-of-the-art research infrastructure. The Foundation covers 40% of the eligible costs of projects, with the remaining 60% coming from the research institutions and their funding partners from the public, private, and voluntary sectors.

The CFI has been entrusted with a capital investment budget of $3.15 billion.

A list of the projects approved by the CFI to date, and a listing of the approved funding, are available here

For more information, please contact:

Suzanne Corbeil
Canada Foundation for Innovation
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Canada Foundation for Innovation / 
Fondation canadienne pour l’innovation

New Opportunities Fund / Fonds de relève

    Institution / Établissement   Projects Approved / Projets appuyés  
Carleton University 1
Concordia University 1
Dalhousie University 1
École Polytechnique de Montréal 1
Lakehead University 1
Laurentian University 1
Malaspina University-College 1
McGill University 13
McMaster University 3
Simon Fraser University 2
St. Francis Xavier University 1
University of Alberta 4
University of Calgary 4
University of Guelph 3
University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa 3
University of Prince Edward Island 2
University of Toronto 6
University of Waterloo 5
University of Western Ontario 4
University of Windsor 1
University of Winnipeg 2
Université Laval 1
Université de Montréal 7
Total of 23 universities/des universités 68

University Research Development Fund /
Fonds de développement de la recherche universitaire

    Institution / Établissement   Projects Approved / Projets appuyés  
Athabasca University College 1
Brandon University 1
King’s University College 1
Okanagan University College 2
St. Francis Xavier University 1
St. Thomas University 1
Université du Québec à Hull 2
Total of 7 universities/des universités 9

List of Approved Projects by Institution /
Liste des projets appuyés par établissement

      New Opportunities Fund / Fonds de relève

  Institution / Établissement   Maximum CFI Contribution / Contribution maximale de la FCI     Project Title / Titre du projet
Carleton University $174,548 Advanced Optical Network Laboratory
Concordia University $69,000 Forest Genetics Research Laboratory: A Research facility for studies of the ecology, evolution, and genetics of forest trees
Dalhousie University $153,500 Gait analysis laboratory
École Polytechnique de Montréal $214,830 Mise en place d’un laboratoire de vision active non invasive en orthopédie
Lakehead University $200,034 Automatic Control Laboratory: Applications to Robotic Systems
Laurentian University $73,000 Modelling recovery pathways: a complex systems approach to studying perturbed ecosystems
Malaspina University-College $25,000 Developing Humanities Computing Infrastructure
McGill University $147,962 Tissue Engineering of Intervertebral Disc
$76,032 Biotechnology laboratory for the modern characterization of bioremediation processes
$179,382 Network Architectures, System Design, and Device Technologies for High-Performance Wireless and Lightwave Transmission
$132,329 Modelling Simulation and Adaptive Computation Lab
$149,995 Infrastructure for the Study of Dopamine Neuron Function
$117,600 Expression du virus HIV et marqueurs génétiques de l’hôte dans la progression du SIDA (HIV expression and host genetic markers in AIDS progression)
$79,977 Hybrid Adaptive Finite Element Analysis Facility for the Electromagnetic Simulation of Microelectronic System Interconnections
$134,392 Experimental and molecular studies of germ cell development
$150,000 A Laboratory for Physiological Investigations of Human Communication and Communication Disorders
$150,000 HIV/HCV drug discovery and development
$149,626 Infrastructure for biomaterial, biomedical, and microencapsulation technology research laboratory
$150,000 Innovative Approaches to Early Human Development
$143,411 E-commerce for Community Economic Development Testbed
McMaster University $60,000 Acquisition of Automated Cementitious Material Characterization System for Workability and Durability
$304,929 Mechanical properties and morphology of thin polymer films
$254,043 Molecular mechanisms of receptor mediated lipid uptake in atherosclerosis
Simon Fraser University $200,000 Femtosecond Laser Amplifier System for Solid State Spectroscopy
$182,215 Genetics and Imaging Laboratory for Research on Microtubules and Basal Bodies
St. Francis Xavier University $52,058 Applied Computing Laboratory
University of Alberta $133,835 Centre for Symbolic Computation
$202,160 Development of a Core Facility for Spatial Applications of Social Ecology
$156,000 Laboratory for perceptual motor behaviour in Down syndrome and other special populations
$225,614 Materials Science of Food and Agricultural Materials
University of Calgary $293,260 Interactive Visualization Laboratory
$220,000 High-Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Vascular Diagnosis and Intervention
$141,886 Functional Proteomics Approach for Analyzing Signal Transduction Networks in Multiple Disease Conditions
$99,750 Creation of a Molecular Screening Facility for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
University of Guelph $343,609 Comprehensive infrastructure for the computer-assisted rational design, chemical synthesis, and biochemical testing of new carbohydrate-based therapeutics
$596,447 Infrastructure for assessing field-scale soil and crop variability and the development of site-specific management practices
$980,908 Advanced data acquisition and analysis systems for targeted changes in beef cattle breeding
University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa $184,626 Prostaglandin EP Receptors in the Podocyte-Implications for Kidney Disease.
$228,317 Laboratory for the study of DNA methylation and environmental epigenetics
$199,972 Nutritional Modification of Gene and Protein Expression in Development of Autoimmune Diabetes
University of Prince Edward Island $75,383 Structure Determination of Novel Polymer-Graphite Nanocomposites by Powder X-ray Diffraction
$25,208 A Beowulf Cluster for Large-Scale Simulations in Condensed Matter Physics
University of Toronto $269,000 High throughput Proteomics Facility
$191,772 Establishment of a molecular biology laboratory for research into cytoskeletal/plasma membrane interactions using Drodophila as a model organism
$139,730 Research facility for the application of ultraviolet light in water disinfectant and purification
$86,467 Quantative Magnetic Resonance Assessment of Neural Tissues
$100,000 Multi-component facility for studies of plant-pollinator interactions: implications for evolutionary ecology, agriculture, and conservation
$199,514 Cryogenic Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Epitaxial Thin-Film Fabrication Facilities for the Nanoscale Study of Novel Superconductors and Ferromagnets
University of Waterloo $35,000 Infant Cognition Laboratory for the Study of Problem-Solving, Learning, and Physical Reasoning in Humans
$84,352 Multimedia Interaction Design Research Project
$115,517 Quantative Geophysical Characterization of In Situ Aquifer Conditions
$150,000 Facility for Characterising Structure and Dynamics of Complex Physical Systems
$191,887 Facility for Characterising Properties of Innovative Materials for Durable Infrastructure
University of Western Ontario $105,820 Integrated Investigation of Human Dynamics and Osteoarthritis
$160,000 X-ray Diffraction and Microdiffraction Facility
$250,000 Multidisciplinary Approaches to Cognitive Neuroscience
$108,248 Equipment for Nano/Micro-Scale Mechanical Testing of Multiphase Materials
University of Windsor $97,686 An Integrated Field Acquisition and Modelling Facility for the Study of Hydrologic Interactions in Patchy Environments, form Point to Catchment Scales
University of Winnipeg $62,525 Comparative Genomics of genes controlling sperm differentiation and maturation in Drosophila
$50,499 Clinical Colour Vision Assessment Laboratory
Université Laval $160,007 Infrastructure pour l’établissement d’un laboratoire d’études pharmacogénomiques
Université de Montréal $124,857 The budding yeast as a model system to study RNA localization
$585,718 Development and Application of Advanced Computational Methods in Material Sciences
$188,759 Gene Therapy Infrastructure for Neuroprotection in the Central Nervous System
$140,532 Laboratory of biochemistry and cell biology to study cellular senescence and tumor suppressor genes
$408,358 Infrastructure pour la production et la caractérisation de nouveaux modèles d’étude du développement de la rétine, du système immunitaire et de la régulation de l’expression génique
$193,530 Identification et contrôle des sources de contamination des fermes par les pathogènes alimentaires et gestion des dangers biologiques associés aux viandes
$181,456 Vision et attention, rôle de la plasticité neuronale
Total $12,212,072  

University Research Development Fund / 
Fonds de développement de la recherche universitaire

Institution / Établissement Maximum CFI Contribution / Contribution maximale de la FCI Project Title / Titre du projet
Athabasca University College $210,000 Creation of a Research Institute for the Study of Supply Chain Collaboration
Brandon University $418,800 High Field (400MHz) Solid-state/Liquid NMR Facility
King’s University College $250,000 NMR, GC-MS and Computational Tools to Support Research Programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry
Okanagan University College $129,980 Population Health Research Centre
$506,588 Water Resources Science and Watershed Management
St. Francis Xavier University $53,240 New Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer
St. Thomas University $249,975 Campus Research Network
Université du Québec à Hull $221,453 Systèmes photoniques de mesure – infrastructure de caractérisation et de prototypage
$340,880 Système distribué pour l’analyse et la modélisation géospatiale
Total $2,380,916