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April 28, 2006

Canada Research Chairs Infrastructure Fund / 
Fonds d’infrastructure pour les Chaires de recherche du Canada

 - Provincial Cumulative Totals

Summary by Institution

Institution / Établissement Projects Approved / Projets appuyés
Concordia University 1
Dalhousie University 6
McGill University 5
Memorial University of Newfoundland 5
Mount Allison University 1
Saint Mary’s University 1
Simon Fraser University 1
Université Laval 2
Université de Moncton 2
Université de Montréal 6
University of Alberta 1
University of British Columbia (The) 5
University of Calgary (The) 3
University of Manitoba (The) 5
University of New Brunswick 1
University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa 2
University of Prince Edward Island 1
University of Regina (The) 1
University of Toronto 14
University of Victoria 1
University of Waterloo 3
University of Western Ontario (The) 2
University of Windsor 1
York University 1
Total 24 institutions / établissements 71

Canada Research Chairs Infrastructure Fund / Fonds d’infrastructure pour les Chaires de recherche du Canada

List of Approved Projects by Institution / Liste des projets appuyés par établissement

Chaire de recherche
Project title / Titre du projet Maximum CFI Contribution/
Contribution maximale de la FCI
Concordia University
Hyslop-Margison, Emery Institute for Democratic Learning in Career Education $121,918
Total 1 $121,918
Dalhousie University
Ponomarenko , Sergey Numerical and Experimental Equipment for Research in Nonlinear Photonics $71,648
Lotze, Heike Infrastructure in Support of Research on Marine Renewable Resources and their Supporting Ecosystems $82,207
Blanchard, Chris Behavioral Medicine Research Centre $124,916
Zhao, Yonggan Financial Risk and Trading Laboratory $124,950
Fennel, Katja Marine Environmental Simulation and Analysis Laboratory $124,991
Laursen, Finn European Studies Research Centre $278,893
Total 6 $807,605
McGill University 
Brochu, Mathieu Light Gas Gun for Shockwave Consolidation of Nano-precursors into Bulk Nano-crystalline Materials 182 000 $
Chacron, Maurice Experimental and Modeling Studies of Information Processing 192 525 $
Nagar, Bhushan Structural Studies of Signal Transduction in the Toll-like Receptor Pathway 201 304 $
Juncker, David Micro and Nanoscale Bioengineering Laboratory 292 256 $
Siwick, Bradley Ultrafast Electron Microscopies in Nanoscience and Materials Research: Developing Tools and Techniques for Making Movies of Molecules 340 000 $
Total 5 1 208 085 $
Memorial University of Newfoundland 
Rudd, Murray A Portable, Web-Based Environmental Valuation and Policy Analysis Laboratory $53,574
Van Herk, Gerard Memorial University Sociolinguistics Laboratory $110,009
Rise, Matthew Marine Biotechnology Laboratory for Genomics Research $118,422
Chuenpagdee, Ratana International Coastal Studies and Research Network (CoastNet) $121,000
Bentley, Samuel Seabed Processes and Imaging Laboratory $125,000
Total 5 $528,005
Mount Allison University 
Westcott, Stephen Inert Atmosphere Glovebox $68,420
Total 1 $68,420
Saint Mary’s University 
Clyburne, Jason State-of-the-art Synthetic Lab for the Development and Study of Environmentally Relevant Materials $246,037
Total 1 $246,037
Simon Fraser University 
Tardos, Gabor Laboratory for Computational Geometry, Complexity and their Applications $120,000
Total 1 $120,000
Université Laval 
St-Arnaud, Louise Chaire de recherche sur l'intégration professionnelle et l'environnement psychosocial de travail 80 012 $
Isenring, Paul Molecular Characterization of Cation-Cl Cotransporters in the Kidney and in the Cardiovascular System 146 963 $
Total 2 226 975 $
Université de Moncton 
Villard, Marc-André Infrastructures pour la CRC en conservation des paysages 73 935 $
Hamam, Habib Laboratoire d’optique et technologies de l’information 75 000 $
Total 2 148 935 $
Université de Montréal 
Poitout, Vincent Establishment of a Canada Research Chair "Diabetes and Pancreatic Beta-Cell Function" 120 000 $
Badia, Antonella Atomic Force Microscopy with Superior Imaging Capabilities 146 549 $
Lebel, Hélène New Infrastructure for Organometallic Catalysts Discovery 160 314 $
Blunck, Rikard Functional Fluorescence Spectroscopy: Determination of Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Proteins with Simultaneous Electrophysiology and Fluorescence Spectroscopy 242 951 $
Verreault, Alain Laboratory of Dr Alain Verreault and Creation of a Yeast Core Facility at IRIC 319 995 $
Drapeau, Pierre Zebrafish Platform for Developmental Neurobiology and Brain Disease Research 358 744 $
Total 6 1 348 553 $
University of Alberta 
Dyck, Jason A Small Animal Micro–Positron Emission Tomography (microPET) Unit for Preclinical Research $210,274
Total 1 $210,274
University of British Columbia (The)
Chen, Jiahua Statistical Genetics Computational Lab $51,875
Marra, Carlo Laboratory for Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research $92,554
Pai, Dinesh Laboratory for Sensori-Motor Computation $112,808
Wong, Judy Building of a Mammalian Tissue Culture Facility and a Molecular Cell Biology Laboratory $121,079
Hallam, Steven Laboratory of Environmental Genomics $131,470
Total 5 $509,786
University of Calgary (The)
Gauthier, Anne Research Laboratory on Comparative Public Policy $24,770
Kwok, Daniel Integrated Study of Nanostructure on Wetting and Adhesion by Means of FT-IR Spectroscopy, Ellipsometry and Electron Beam Lithography $258,829
Gibson, John Development of Analytical and Computing Facilities for Isotope-Based Water Resources Research $364,852
Total 3 $648,451
University of Manitoba (The)
Brydon, Diana Creation of a Research Centre for Globalization and Cultural Studies $72,422
Wang, Quan Structural Engineering Research Laboratory for Advanced Structural Engineering with Smart Materials and Structures $124,707
ElSalakawy, Ehab Equipment for Laboratory Testing, Fibre Optic Sensing and Structural Health Monitoring $124,997
Driedger, S Michelle Research Facility for the Interdisciplinary Study of Environment and Health Risk Communication $125,000
Tenuta, Mario Infrastructure in Support of the Proposed Canada Research Chair Program in Applied Soil Ecology $125,000
Total 5 $572,126
University of New Brunswick 
Spray, John Micro-Raman Analytical System and Research Microscope for CRC in Planetary Materials $125,000
Total 1 $125,000
University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa 
Ward, Jeanette Policy Implementation Research Unit $100,176
Screaton, Robert The Application of High-throughput Genomic Technology to the Study of the Signaling Mechanisms that Govern Programmed Cell Death (apoptosis) $180,633
Total 2 $280,809
University of Prince Edward Island
Kerr, Russell Sustainable Production of Bioactive Marine Natural Products: Establishing a Marine Microbial Cell Culture Facility $226,721
Total 1 $226,721
University Regina (The)
Chan, Christine Visualization Infrastructure for Energy Informatics Laboratory $104,314
Total 1 $104,314
University of Toronto 
Zamble, Deborah An Enhanced Biological Chemistry Laboratory to Study Metalloproteins $47,893
Brudno, Michael Infrastructure for a Whole Genome Alignment Pipeline and for Supporting Computational Genomics at the University of Toronto $102,628
Chen, Charles Life Career Development Lab $123,500
Raught, Brian Proteomic Analysis of Ubiquitin-like Modifier Targets $125,000
Kumacheva, Eugenia Facility for Surface Patterning and Material Characterization $125,000
Simmons, Craig Infrastructure for a State-of-the-art Laboratory for Cellular Mechanobiology $127,859
Slotta, James Cognitively Informed Technologies for Education (CITE) $166,000
Cummins, James Designing Learning Environments for Literacy Development and Knowledge Generation in a Diverse Society $166,170
Cutter, Asher Evolution of Breeding System in Caenorhabditis Nematodes: Genomics, Population Genetics, and Experimental Evolution $173,000
Naguib, Hani Infrastructure for the Development and Characterization of Smart and Functional Polymers $198,597
Tannock, Rosemary Using Technology to Bridge Neuroscience, Children’s Mental Health, and Educational Practice $238,796
Harris, Tony The Study of Epithelial Polarity in Drosophila $359,000
Wheeler, Aaron Laboratories for Microfluidic Device Design and High-Throughput Analysis $419,952
Jockusch, Rebecca Infrastructure for Novel Techniques to Characterize Mass-Selected Biological Ions and their Complexes $510,000
Total 14 $2,883,395
University of Victoria 
Wyvill, Brian Computer Graphics Research Laboratory $66,199
Total 1 $66,199
University of Waterloo 
Levesque, Moren Innovation and Technical Entrepreneurship Laboratory $22,844
Fitzsimons, Grainne Social Cognition and Relationship Interaction Laboratory $126,750
Wan, Justin Resources For Scientifc Computing And Visualization $132,274
Total 1 $281,868
University of Western Ontario (The)
Coolen, Lique The Neurobiology of Sexual Motivation and Reward $125,852
Li, Shawn An Integrated Platform for High Throughput Biological Analysis $133,451
Total 2 $259,303
University of Windsor
Palmer, Steven International Health Communication Data Archive and Repository $74,770
Total 1 $74,770
York University
Benchimol, Samuel Laboratory for Molecular and Cell Biology Research $317,902
Total 1 $317,902
TOTAL 71 projects / projets $11,385,451