$11 million to boost innovative research at Canadian universities

October 15, 1999

Ottawa, October 15, 1999 - Dr. David W. Strangway, President and CEO of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) announced an investment of $11 million to provide 124 researchers with the infrastructure necessary to conduct 64 research projects in 26 Canadian universities and colleges.

"Although the Canada Foundation for Innovation's mandate is to fund research infrastructure, we're really investing in people," Dr. Strangway said. "This investment recognizes the immense potential of our research community to make life better for Canadians. By supporting research at universities and colleges, we are putting in place the right conditions to attract and retain top-quality researchers in Canada, and to train young Canadians for the knowledge-based economy.

Because the CFI funds up to 40 percent of a project, this initial investment will trigger additional investments of up to $16.5 million from the other funding partners, for a total of some $27.5 million.

The projects are selected on the basis of their contribution to the enhancement of Canadian innovation. They were approved by the CFI Board of Directors at its October 7 meeting in Ottawa.

Under the New Opportunities Fund, the CFI approved an investment of almost $8.6 million for 56 awards in 20 universities to give 74 researchers access to advanced equipment and facilities.

Examples of projects approved by the CFI Board of Directors include:

  • A state-of-the-art laboratory, at Queen's University, for investigating environmental change over centuries by analysing sedimentary records.
  • A laboratory at Université de Montreal for studying sleep cycles in the elderly;
  • A Centre, at the University of Calgary, for studying learning and developmental disorders such as dyslexia, autism, and attention deficit disorder.

These contributions help Canadian universities attract new faculty in priority areas of development. Since its launch in August 1998, the New Opportunities Fund has enabled Canadian universities to provide 296 leading researchers with the advanced equipment and facilities they need to undertake leading-edge research.

Under the University Research Development Fund, six institutions will receive funding for eight projects—for a total of $2.4 million. The projects represent a broad range of fields and disciplines, including

  • the University of New Brunswick's biomedical engineering laboratory for designing more sophisticated artificial limbs; and
  • A high-performance computer laboratory at the University of Northern British Columbia for analysing data gathered in every discipline from forestry to physics.

The CFI is an independent, not-for-profit corporation established by the federal government in 1997 to address an urgent need of Canada's research community: new, state-of-the-art research infrastructure. The CFI has been entrusted with a capital investment budget of $1 billion, and its investments are made in partnership with all levels of government, as well as with the private and voluntary sectors. Its work focuses on health, the environment, science, and engineering. 

Canada Foundation for Innovation
Fondation canadienne pour l'innovation

New Opportunities Fund
Fonds de relève

Institution / ÉtablissementProjects Approved / Projets approuvés
Lakehead University 1
McGill University 3
McMaster University 4
Memorial University of Newfoundland 1
Queen's University 3
Université de Montréal 6
Université de Sherbrooke 3
Université du Québec à Montréal 2
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 1
Université Laval 5
University of Alberta 1
University of Calgary 4
University of Guelph 1
University of Ottawa 3
University of Regina 1
University of Saskatchewan 3
University of Toronto 7
University of Victoria 1
University of Waterloo 5
University of Western Ontario 1


Canada Foundation for Innovation 
Fondation canadienne pour l'innovation

Research Development Fund
Fonds de développement de la recherche

Institution / ÉtablissementProjects Approved / Projets approuvés
Ecole de Technologie Supérieure 1
Malaspina University-College 1
Nova Scotia Agricultural College 2
Saint Mary's University 1
University of New Brunswick 2
University of Northern British Columbia 1


List of approved projects by institution
Liste des projets approuvés par établissement

New Opportunities Fund
Fonds de relève

Lakehead University

  • Control Research Laboratory: High Performance Control System Designs

McGill University

  • Infrastructure for Food Process Engineering Laboratory
  • Industrial Automation Laboratory
  • In vivo and in vitro Studies of Neuronal Eensemble Activity

McMaster University

  • Novel Targets in Antibacterial Research
  • Development of Recombinant Cytokine-Adjuvanted Tuberculosis Vaccines
  • A Physiology and Behaviour Lab for the Study of Visual Processing and Visual Motor Control
  • Intercellular Signaling in Streptomyces coelicolor

Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • Initial Computing Infrastructures and Beowulf Cluster

Queen's University

  • A Drug Discovery Facility Utilizing Surface Plasmon Resonance Technology
  • Integrated Approach to Investigate Cellular Function in Normal and Diseased Hearts
  • Laboratory for Environmental Variability and Extremes

Université de Montréal

  • Génétique moléculaire du développement
  • Centre ambulatoire et laboratoire d'isolation temporelle pour l'étude du cycle éveil-sommeil et des rythmes biologiques au cours du veillissement
  • Aménagement d'un "laboratoire d'analyse tridimensionnelle du mouvement et des activités fonctionnelles"
  • Création d'un laboratoire d'électrophysiologie moléculaire pour la recherche cardiovasculaire sur la souris
  • Laboratoire de synthèses et de caractérisations organiques
  • Caractérisation du mécanisme de signalisation de la voie RAS

Université de Sherbrooke

  • Pharmacologie des récepteurs au neuropeptide Y (NPY) et à l'endothéline-1 (ET-1) dans les cellules endothéliales endocardiques durant le développement et le vieillissement du coeur humain
  • Laboratoire de Caractérisation des Matériaux Acoustiques (LCMA)
  • Identification of Novel Targets and New Approaches for Gene Therapy of Ovarian Cancer

Université du Québec à Montréal

  • Infrastructure d'évaluation expérimentale de pratiques d'aménagement forestier durable
  • Infrastruture d'évaluation du potentiel toxique des métaux lourds chez l'humain: biodisponibilité et mécanisme de cytotoxicité en fonction de la spéciation

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

  • Développement de fibres cellulosiques pour la fabrication de papiers à valeur ajoutée

Université Laval

  • Molecular Characterization of Cation-Chloride Transporters in the Cardiovascular System and in the Kidney
  • Thérapie génique des gènes suicides à l'aide de vecteurs rétroviraux
  • Recherche sur le développement du système de contrôle respiratoire : aménagement d'infrastructures de laboratoire d'électrophysiologie et d'animalerie.
  • Etablissement d'un laboratoire de recherche sur la régulation transcriptionnelle
  • Creation d'un laboratoire de recherche spécialisé dans les techniques électrophysiologiques "in vitro": développement obligatoire pour une unité de neuroscience.

University of Alberta

  • The Earth Observation System Laboratory: A Multidisciplinary Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Facility

University of Calgary

  • New Technologies for Large Scale Neural Gene Discovery and Analysis
  • Gene Transfer Facility for in vivo Manipulation and Analyses of Gene Function
  • Centre for Cognitive and Neurological Developmental Disorders
  • Integrated Thermal Characterisation Unit

University of Guelph

  • Identification of Proteins by MALDI-TOF Mass-Spectroscopy

University of Ottawa

  • Application to Human Diseases and Design of Specific Inhibitors for Proprotein Convertases and Mammalian Subtilisin-Kexin Isozyme 1 (SKI-1)
  • Laboratory for Toxic Substances Research
  • An Infrastructure for Stereoscopic/3D Computer Vision & Modeling, Video Source & Channel Coding

University of Regina

  • Algal Toxins and Biodiversity in Canadian Aquatic Ecosystems

University of Saskatchewan

  • A Distributed Information Visualization Laboratory
  • Determining Mechanisms of Toxicity of Environmental Contaminants, Nutraceuticals, and Agricultural Biotechnology Products
  • A Scanning Transmission Electron Miscroscope for the University of Saskatchewan

University of Toronto

  • Cell Survival and Axonal Regeneration in an Animal Model of Alzheimer's Disease
  • Stem Cell-Based Tissue and Cellular Engineering
  • Advanced Materials Research Facilities
  • Developing an Advanced Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Research and Development Testbed
  • Pathogenic Microbiology Infection and Imaging Facility
  • Aging, Immune Response and Neurodegeneration
  • Regulation of Neurotransmitter Receptors

University of Victoria

  • A Facility for the Application of Microscale Thermal Radiation to Electronic Devices and Energy Conversion

University of Waterloo

  • Waterloo Centre for Interfacial Engineering (WATCIE)
  • Resistance Spot Welding of Aluminum
  • Laboratory for the Development of New and Improved Methods for the Analysis of Organic Pollutants in the Environment
  • Instrumentation for a New Hydraulic Flume Facility for the Study of Environmental Fluid Flow Problems
  • Advanced Computing Facility for Finance and Accounting Research

University of Western Ontario

  • Nuclear Waste Management and Materials Corrosion


List of approved projects by institution
Liste des projets approuvés par établissement

Research Development Fund
Fonds de développement de la recherche

École de Technologie Supérieure

  • Réseau de recherche en imagerie radiologique numérique 3D basse radiation

Malaspina University-College

  • Applied Environmental Research Laboratory

Nova Scotia Agricultural College

  • Enhancing the capability of the Agricultural Genomics Centre at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College
  • Enhancing Infrastructure Capabilities for Water Quality Research

Saint Mary's University

  • Mechanisms and Alternatives in Ecosystem Remediation

University of New Brunswick

  • Infrastructure Support for Institute of Biomedical Engineering, University of New Brunswick
  • Advanced Computational Research Laboratory (ACRL)

University of Northern British Columbia

  • Scientific Computing Facility for Modelling, Simulation and Visualization