$102.2 million in new funding for 126 Canada Research Chairs

November 10, 2005

Canada Research Chairs Infrastructure Fund / 
Fonds d’infrastructure pour les Chaires de recherche du Canada

 - Provincial Cumulative Totals

Summary by Institution / Sommaire par institution    

Institution / Établissement Projects Approved / Projets appuyés
Cape Breton University 1
Concordia University 2
Dalhousie University 4
Lakehead University 2
McGill University 8
McMaster University 1
Memorial University of Newfoundland 1
Queen’s University 2
Ryerson University 1
Simon Fraser University 2
Université Laval 4
Université de Montréal 5
Université de Sherbrooke 2
Université du QC Institut national de la recherche scientifique 1
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières 1
University of Alberta 4
University of British Columbia (The) 5
University of Calgary (The) 2
University of Lethbridge (The) 1
University of Manitoba (The) 3
University of New Brunswick 2
University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa 3
University of Regina (The) 1
University of Toronto 4
University of Victoria 3
University of Windsor 1
University of Winnipeg (The) 1
Total 27 institutions / établissements 67

    Canada Research Chairs Infrastructure Fund/
Fonds d’infrastructure pour les Chaires de recherche du Canada

List of Approved Projects by Institution /
Liste des projets appuyés par établissement


Chaire de recherche
Project title / Titre du projet Maximum CFI Contribution/
Contribution maximale de la FCI
Cape Breton University
Keefe, Dale Raman Spectrometer and High Performance Computer to Support the Canada Research Chair in Molecular Spectroscopy


Total 1


Concordia University
High, Steven Digital Oral History Research Laboratory


Michel, Robin Cellular and Molecular Neuromuscular Physiology Research Facility


Total 2


Dalhousie University
Richardson, Chistopher Laboratory For DIDRA CRC Tier I Chair in Viral Vaccines and Therapeutics


Fawcett, James Polarity Proteins in Neuronal Development and Repair


Newman, Aaron NeuroCognitive Imaging Laboratory - Electroencephalographic Recording and Source Localization System, Computing Facilities for Neuroimaging Data Analysis, Video Studio for Language Recording


Waisman, David Research Laboratory to Investigate Cancer Metastasis and Angiogenesis


Total 4


Lakehead University
Iseke-Barnes, Judy Understanding Indigenous Storytelling as Expressions of Identity, Community, Culture, and Pedagogy


Chen, Aicheng Lakehead University Electrochemistry Laboratory


Total 2


McGill University
Pierre, Christophe Experimental and Computational Laboratory for the Vibration of Complex Structures

177 617 $

Weiler, Hope Innovative Nutritional Solutions to Improve Bone Health of Canadians

199 668 $

Rocheleau, Christian Establishment of a Research Laboratory to Study Genes Important for Human Health at Both the Cellular and Molecular Level Using the Model Organism Caenorhabditis Elegans

201 971 $

Tufenkji, Nathalie Biocolloid and Surface Science Laboratory

210 820 $

Niezen, Ronald An Enhanced Research and Communication Capacity for the Centre for Society, Technology and Development, at McGill University

212 307 $

Chapman, Lauren Laboratory Infrastructure for Fish Respiratory Ecology

221 725 $

Liu, Shan-Lu Establishment of a Laboratory for the Study of Retroviral Oncogenesis and Gene Therapy

254 000 $

Schiffrin, Ernesto Vascular Phenotype Infrastructure: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Vascular Remodeling in Hypertension and Metabolic Syndrome

256 386 $

Total 8

1 734 494 $

McMaster University
Nair, Parameswaran Establishing a Research Laboratory to Measure Acute and Chronic Airway Inflammatory Changes in Obstructive Airway Diseases


Total 1


Memorial University of Newfoundland
Booth, Valerie Solid-State NMR Equipment for the Elucidation of Structure-Activity Relationships in Membrane-Associated Proteins


Total 1


Queen's University
Boulay, Mark Guy Development of Noble Liquid Particle Astrophysics Detectors and Solar Neutrino Studies


Hawryshyn, Craig Integrative Approaches to Vision Research: Molecular Vision, Retinal Development, Retinal Information Processing, Visually-Guided Behaviour and Biodiversity


Total 2


Ryerson University
Kumar, Krishna Satellite System Design and Simulation


Total 1


Simon Fraser University
Kelm, Mary-Ellen Qualitative History Research Laboratory (QHRL)


Branda, Neil Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer for Characterization of Organic Materials


Total 2


Université Laval
Saghatelyan, Armen Infrastructure for Molecular and Cellular Analysis of Postnatal Neurogenesis

140 865 $

Boivin, Guy Infrastructure for Identification and Characterization of Emerging Viruses and Antiviral Resistance

141 435 $

Cote, Daniel Multimodal Infrared Nonlinear Spectromicroscopy / Endoscopic Broadband CARS Imaging for Cancer Diagnosis

145 168 $

Cumming, Steven Joint Infrastructure Request to Support Research in Conservation Biology and Landscape Ecology by the two CRC Chairs in Conservation Biology and Boreal Ecosystems Modelling, Laval University

242 507 $

Total 4

669 975 $

Université de Montréal
Khairy, Paul Arrhythmias and Sudden Death in Adults with Congenital Heart Disease

91 327 $

Larose, Karim Laboratoire de recherche multimédia sur la poésie et l'essai au Québec

99 355 $

Grandvaux, Nathalie Laboratory of Cell Signaling in Virus Infections Analysis

100 646 $

D'Amours, Damien Infrastructure for Setting up the Laboratory of Dr Damien D’Amours at IRIC

290 784 $

Brugada-Terradellas, Ramon Infrastructure to Support a Program in Genetics of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology

309 022 $

Total 5

891 134 $

Université de Sherbrooke
Perreault, Jean-Pierre Platform for the Purification, Production and Characterization of RNA Binding Proteins

118 185 $

Lavoie, Christine Confocal Microscopy to Investigate the Regulation of Intracellular Trafficking

265 314 $

Total 2

383 499 $

Université du QC Institut national de la rech. scientifique
Guay, Daniel Laboratoire des nanomatériaux énergétiques (LNÉ)

223 405 $

Total 1

223 405 $

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Dionne, Carmen Réseau de laboratoires adaptés d'observation et d'intervention

59 187 $

Total 1

59 187 $

University of Alberta
Power, Christopher Neurological Infectious and Immune Disease Research Centre


Li, Liang Laser Capture Microdissection Apparatus for Tissue Proteomics and Metabolomics


Scarpella, Enrico Dissection of Vascular Pattern Formation in Plants at Molecular and Cellular Resolution


Currie, Philip Dinosaur Palaeobiology and 3-D Functional Morphology Research Facility


Total 4


University of British Columbia(The)
McAllister, Murdoch Startup Costs for Computing and Graduate Students, Fisheries Statistics Projects


Doucet, Arnaud New Computational Statistics Lab


Foster, Leonard Organelle Proteomics: Cell Biological, Biochemical and Bioinformatical Infrastructure


Frankel, Adam The Development of Encoded Peptidomimetic Libraries for Drug Discovery


Murch, Susan Plant Neurochemistry Laboratory


Total 5


University of Calgary (The)
Ghali, William Broadening the Scope of APPROACH -- Phase 2


McKay, Derek Intestinal Immunophysiology in Health and Disease


Total 2


University of Lethbridge(The)
Wieden, Hans-Joachim Development of a Modern Physical Biochemistry Laboratory


Total 1


University of Manitoba(The)
Fayek, Mostafa Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Support Facilities


Hatch, Grant The Molecular Regulation of Cardiolipin Metabolism in Genetic Diseases, Programmed Cell Death and the Eukaryotic Cell Cycle


McNeill, Dean Data Acquisition and Test Apparatus for SHM Information Systems Development


Total 3


University of New Brunswick
O'Sullivan, Lucia Adolescent Health Risk Laboratory


Saunders, Gary Infrastructure to Facilitate the DNA Barcoding of Canada's Marine Plants


Total 2


University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa
Lippel, Katherine Laboratoire de recherches sur le droit de la santé et de la sécurité du travail / Law and Occupational Health and Safety Research Laboratory


Rundle, Howard Laboratory Facilities for Quantitative Genetic Analyses and Experimental Evolution of Chemical Signaling Systems in Drosophila


Walsh, Patrick High-Throughput DNA Sequencing for Microarray Studies of Gene Expression in Marine and Freshwater Fish Species


Total 3


University Regina(The)
Piwowar, Joseph The Facility for Geomatics and Sustainability


Total 1


University of Toronto
Gong, Siew-Ging Infrastructure for a State-of-the-Art Molecular Craniofacial Biology Research Laboratory


Sargent, Edward Infrastructure for Biomolecule-Enabled Nanotechnology and Photonics


Fleming, Alison Neural, Autonomic, Affective, and Behavioural Responsiveness to Infant Cues in Low and High Risk Human Mothers: Relation to Gene Polymorphisms


Hynynen, Kullervo Imaging Research Laboratory


Total 4


University of Victoria
Williams, Lorna Community-Based Research into Indigenous Languages, Indigenous Knowledge, and Indigenous Perspectives on Learning


Cameron, Caroline Molecular Pathogenesis of Treponema Pallidum


Djilali, Nedjib Computational and Experimental Fuel Cell Research Facility


Total 3


University of Windsor
Wu, Jonathan Facility for the Research and Development of Automotive Sensors and Sensing Systems


Total 1


University of Winnipeg (The)
Reimer, Mavis Creation of a Centre for Research in Children’s Texts and Culture


Total 1


TOTAL 67 projects / projets