Annual public meetings

Annual public meetings are part of the CFI’s ongoing commitment to the principles of public accountability, transparency and openness.

The annual public meeting, a requirement from the act that created the CFI, is a public event where members of the public, government, media, academia and the research policy community are encouraged to attend to learn more about the CFI’s activities along with how the CFI continues to support Canada’s researchers by investing in state-of-the-art labs and facilities at universities, colleges and research institutions across the country.

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Briefs to the House of Commons and Senate Committees

The CFI is committed to the principle of public accountability. The CFI makes regular appearances and submissions to the Standing Committees on National Finance and on Industry, Science and Technology, and has a process in place to provide briefings to Members of Parliament, Senators, and senior Government officials.

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Stakeholder and community

The CFI plays an active role in consulting the community and various stakeholders, and sharing information with them.

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