Report: CFI investments attract research talent, train students and lead to new jobs

April 7, 2015

OTTAWA, ONTARIO  — Infrastructure investments made by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) have created more than 1,600 new academic and non-academic jobs in Canada, according to the CFI’s 2014 Report on results. This annual compilation highlights the outputs and outcomes associated with CFI-funded infrastructure. It provides a comprehensive summary of some of the achievements by researchers using CFI-funded infrastructure on university, college and research hospital campuses across the country.

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While the installation, maintenance and operation of research infrastructure creates jobs, primarily on campus and in the private sector, investments in such infrastructure also attracts research talent: more than 200 newly recruited researchers reported that CFI-funded infrastructure attracted them to institutions.

For researchers already established at an institution, approximately 1,700 reported that research infrastructure was an important factor in their decision to stay. Their students also benefitted from infrastructure investments, with almost 29,000 higher education students (undergraduate, masters, PhDs) and post-doctoral researchers reportedly expanding their skillsets using CFI-funded infrastructure. The majority of researchers claimed full use of their labs and equipment, not only by their own research groups, but also by other faculty and external users.

The Report on results also helps make the connection between research and innovation, with 209 researchers reporting that their CFI-funded infrastructure resulted in innovation-related outcomes, including new patents, licencing agreements and the creation of more than 50 new spin-off companies.