Project progress report update

March 30, 2012

Project progress reports available May 7, 2012

As you are aware, the CFI normally makes project progress reports available on April 1 of each year, with a June 30 deadline for submission. This year, however, due to major work on the CFI’s Awards Management System, project progress reports will not be available until Monday, May 7. The awards system will be offline on Friday, May 4 to enact these changes.

As in past years, the deadline for submitting project progress reports will remain June 30, which allows eight weeks for completion.

Revised questionnaire and reporting schedules in 2012

The CFI has revised the project progress report questionnaire this year, as well as the reporting schedule. Please see Section 7 of the new policy and programs guide for important details on these changes. A mock-up of the new questionnaire will be available on the CFI’s website on March 30 at /sites/default/files/essential_documents/project_progress_EN.pdf. This will be replaced with a guide for users by the end of April. 

No institutional reports required this year

Along with project progress reports, the institutional report informs the CFI on a number of key issues from the institutional perspective. To maximize the utility of this tool, the CFI will be redeveloping the institutional report during 2012 to ensure that the information it provides both complements other reporting mechanisms and addresses the most pressing issues. As a result, institutions will not be asked to complete an institutional report for 2012.

If you have any questions, please contact the CFI at help.aide [at]

Thank you for your cooperation and continued collaboration.