Progress and Institutional Reports now available

December 21, 2001

The new and improved Progress report forms are now available on our website and can be prepared and submitted electronically.

The forms are to be used in the same way as our other forms. Project Leaders can log in and fill out the Project report using the CFI Forms site. The institution can review the reports and submit them when ready.

For this year, reports must be submitted for all projects for which the budget was finalized before December 31, 2001. Reports should cover the period from January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2001.

Project reports -

Things to remember:

  • Project Leaders must use the same PIN and password they used when they originally submitted the project. If you do not have this information please contact christoph.daigeler [at] After you have logged in click on Funded Project(s) – Reports to be completed.
  • If you received an award under the Canada Research Chairs Infrastructure Fund please log into the CFI Forms site using the same PIN and password you used for the Canada Research Chairs program and you will be able to complete your Progress report. If you did not submit electronically please contact christoph.daigeler [at]

Institutional report –

This is available on your CFI institutional website, under Project and Institutional Reports, and must be completed by the institution.

If you have any technical questions about any of the reports, please contact christoph.daigeler [at]