New Initiatives Fund 2006 – Searchable Notices of Intent to Apply

November 21, 2005

The CFI launched a Call for Proposals for the New Initiatives Fund Competition in July 2005. The Call was launched jointly with that for the Leading Edge Fund, with which it has a joint a budget of $325M. The first step was the submission of Notices of Intent (NOIs) in November 2005. This is now complete and there are more than 400 Notices of Intent requesting over $1 billion from the CFI. This represents almost $2.5 billion in infrastructure requests when one includes the partner funding.

This great response is clear evidence of the capacity and the commitment of institutions from across the country to making Canada one of the most innovative societies in the world-socially, economically and technologically, for the benefit of all Canadians.

Our objective in posting the NOIs on the website is to encourage institutions that have similar projects to consider potential collaborations or joint initiatives to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the infrastructure where appropriate.

The title and main text of the NOIs are searchable using keywords and for each infrastructure project, you can view the institution, the project title and a summary.