IMPORTANT - Revisions to the CFI Application Form

November 8, 2002
Innovation Fund
We have revised the Project and Finance modules of our application form. The revised electronic form will be available on-line in early December. The instructions for completing both modules of the e-form will be modified. In the meantime, a copy of the revised form in PDF format is available for printing, so that applicants can preview the upcoming changes.
The changes are as follows:
Project module:
  • significant changes to the statements associated with the 6 factors (A1, A2, B1, B2, B3 and C);
  • changes to instructions on information to be provided under each section.
Finance module:
  • no data need to be entered in both the Contributions and Budget sections because they will be generated automatically from data entered in other sections of the form.
  • In-kind Contributions section will be removed.
What do you do until the new form is available on-line?
Project module:
  • You can enter information on the existing electronic form as it will be transferred in the new form when it comes on-line.
  • But be sure to keep in mind the new choices of statement and instructions.
Finance module:
  • Do not enter information on the existing electronic form because we cannot ensure that all of the information entered will be transferred properly to the revised module. It is best to wait until the new module comes on-line in December.
What form do we use for the December 2 deadline of the New Opportunities Fund?
  • Use the existing electronic form.
  • After the December 2 deadline, two different sets of statements will be used, one for Innovation Fund and one for New Opportunities Fund. The statements for New Opportunities Fund will be very similar to the current one used.
  • The same new Finance module will be used for both Funds.