CFI Welcomes Proposal for Additional Funding

November 15, 2005

OTTAWA, NOVEMBER 15, 2005 – In yesterday’s Economic and Fiscal Update, the Government of Canada included a proposal for an additional allocation of $500 million to the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), to assist in sustaining its activities during the period 2006-2010. Since its creation in 1997, the CFI has been entrusted with $3.65 billion to fulfill its mandate of strengthening the capability of Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals, and other not-for-profit institutions to carry out world-class research and technology development.

“Bolstering a national culture of innovation will help to establish Canada as a leading, globally networked research hub, attracting the best researchers from abroad, and providing access to cutting-edge research to Canadians here at home… We will continue to support new research infrastructure with a further $500 million.”

 - The Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Finance

“The CFI welcomes the government’s firm commitment to maintaining Canada’s position as a world leader in cutting-edge research and innovation,” said Dr. Eliot Phillipson, President and CEO of the Canada Foundation for Innovation. “It is this unwavering commitment that has allowed the CFI to play an important role in transforming Canada’s research landscape over the past eight years.”

“Leading edge research in the 21st century is critically dependent on having the tools to do the job.” said Dr. John Evans, Chairman of the CFI Board of Directors. “Investments made in research infrastructure serve as a beacon for attraction and retention of researchers, helping institutions to build their human infrastructure, our most important renewable resource, and enhance their expertise.”

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) is an independent corporation created by the Government of Canada to fund research infrastructure. The CFI’s mandate is to strengthen the capacity of Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals, and non-profit research institutions to carry out world-class research and technology development that benefits Canadians.

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