CFI Program Consultation

April 9, 2009

The 2009 federal budget provided the CFI with $600 million for a research funding competition to be launched before December 2010.  

In preparing for this and future competitions, and to inform the CFI’s strategic plan moving forward, the CFI is engaging Canada’s research community to explore current and emerging issues, gauge the value of the CFI’s program architecture, and identify possible improvements to future funding programs.

These consultations will look at four broad areas:

  • Focusing resources in areas of priority and strength that will enhance Canada’s competitiveness, prosperity and global impact;
  • Sustaining and improving previous investments in infrastructure;
  • Enhancing the role of Canadian institutions in knowledge translation and commercialization that is of benefit to Canada;
  • Identifying the long-term opportunities and challenges that the CFI should consider in its next competition and beyond.

The CFI encourages members of the research community to read its discussion paper, CFI Program Consultation (PDF format, 120 KB) , for more information on these broad areas, and provide feedback by May 22, 2009, to:

Jac van Beek
Vice President, Programs and Planning
jac.vanbeek [at]