CFI Board Chair highlights importance of investments in research infrastructure

May 6, 2015

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — In response to the Federal Budget 2015’s allocation of $1.33 billion to the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Dr. Kevin Smith, CFI Board Chair, commented on the importance of funding research infrastructure in a Globe and Mail article, “Why Ottawa’s investments in research will touch all Canadians.”

Dr. Smith, who is also the CEO of St. Joseph’s Health System in Hamilton, Ont., and the Niagara Health System, said that although there has been little press attention around this particular funding, the impact of investing in research infrastructure has great benefits to Canadians. He suggests the budget allotment will help keep Canada at the top of global rankings in important areas of research, such as clinical medicine, information technology, physics and astronomy. Dr. Smith goes on to say that the CFI’s $1.33 billion for research infrastructure is a number that all Canadians should pay attention to, not just for its size — it represents the country’s largest single investment ever made in research infrastructure support — but for how it will ultimately touch each and every Canadian.