2019-20 Report on results: How CFI investments benefit Canadians

June 24, 2021

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) funds research infrastructure. In doing so, we support Canadian research and innovation and help Canada’s next generation of researchers thrive in their careers. A new CFI report released today demonstrates how.

The CFI’s 2020 Report on results, which summarizes some of the impacts of CFI funding, states that last year, for example, close to 34,000 post-doctoral fellows and higher education students expanded their research skills using CFI-funded infrastructure. Of those students who completed their training last year, more than 80 percent found jobs in Canada.

The report also highlights some of the research that has emerged from CFI-funded labs that has had tangible benefits for Canadians. These include the creation of high-tech mittens to protect the Canadian Military who are working in the Arctic in temperatures as frigid as -60°C, the development of a 3-D imaging system that monitors moisture levels of commercially stored grain to avoid spoilage, and the drafting of new physical activity guidelines for Canadians with spinal cord injuries.

READ: 2020 Report on results

The 2020 Report on results summarizes data related to the CFI’s objectives and includes information on the role research infrastructure plays in attracting and retaining researchers from around the world; supporting the development of the next generation of researchers; promoting collaborations and fueling innovation-related outcomes in Canada.

The report relied on 2019-20 data on 1,568 infrastructure projects from 87 institutions that have received CFI funding.

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