2003 Forms Revisions

December 16, 2002

The CFI strives to make its forms as simple and user friendly as possible.  To that end we have changed a few things in both the Project and Finance modules.  Notable changes include :

Description of Infrastructure Project and Assessment against CFI criteria Module

  • Updated word ladders for the ProgridTM assessments for Innovation Fund applications (New Opportunities assessment criteria remains the same).

Financial Information Module

  • Yearly breakdown of costs is now entered in the Budget - Cost of individual items and Details of funding from eligible partners sections.
  • Pages 1 and 2 are now derived based on the details entered in the sections mentioned above.
  • The In-Kind contributions page has been eliminated due to duplication.


  • Somes changes in instructions in both forms.

Is any information lost for current applications?

Upon implementation of the new forms, any New Opportunities applications currently being completed (i.e. without a final decision) will lose some information in certain sections of the Finance Module as follows:

  • Information inputted into the Budget section - the total dollars would be retained, however all the money would appear in Year 1 (see below for explanation).
  • The yearly breakdown for items entered in Budget - Cost of individual items would normally be blank since these are new fields, however we will copy the amounts entered in the Total Eligible Cost field to Year 1 so you won't lose all of the information. You may have to edit this to accurately reflect your budget.
  • Information under the Details of funding from eligible partners would also be lost, however this information will be transferred into Year 1 as well. 
  • An additional page of space has been added to the Financial resources for operations and maintenance section to discuss the sustainability of the infrastructure. The total space on that field is now one and a quarter pages, compared to one quarter page prior to the revisions.

To summarise: You will have to break down the totals again but this time at the detail level (the Budget section will reflect the detail automatically) and perhaps flesh out the sustainability of the infrastructure.