Consultations for our 2023–28 strategic plan

For a more prosperous and sustainable Canada

The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) is developing a new strategic plan for 2023 to 2028. This plan will guide our organization beyond our current 2018–23 Strategic roadmap.

From May to July 15, we will consult external stakeholders for feedback on five themes listed below:

The CFI builds the foundations on which ideas can be developed into serious research projects that contribute to new discoveries, understanding and knowledge. It is essential that we look into the future to ensure that research in new concepts and fields is enabled. Under the theme of The Science of Tomorrow, the CFI is seeking insights about future-oriented and emerging science, technology and innovation. This theme considers both promising areas for research and science and novel areas where timely investments in fundamental research can enable Canada to remain, or become, a world leader.

Understanding where research can lead Canada and the world in the coming years is critical for the CFI to be able to respond to new and developing priorities of Canadian science.

As Canada’s leading funder of research infrastructure, the CFI contributes to science and research and Canadian wellbeing by contributing to economic growth and job creation, health and environmental quality. Under the theme of Future Prosperity and Healthy Communities, the CFI is seeking insights into the current social and economic challenges that confront Canada and the globe and how science and research contribute to local, regional and national wellbeing and prosperity.

This theme invites commentary on how the benefits of science and research can help reduce social and economic disparity arising from demographic change, the displacement of the centres of economic and social influence and the often-negative impacts on health and mental health of social, environmental and health crises as well as the increasing ubiquity of technology.

The theme concentrates on finding ways to target, develop, support and sustain promising multisector partnerships in research at the local level and non-academic research sites and institutions.

Understanding how research contributes to communities is critical for the CFI to be able to respond to the changing context of science and research.

The theme of A Sustainable Future links research to one of the biggest challenges facing Canada and the world today: climate change. Sustainability speaks to research with a concern for the natural environment and its capacity to meet current and future social and economic needs. It emphasizes the need to balance present development with the responsibility to regenerate, maintain and improve planetary resources for use by future generations. It includes thinking about doing research and development in a sustainable manner and being conscious of limiting the consumption of energy and working to make every project as sustainable as possible.

When we speak of sustainability, we reference the buildings and equipment the CFI funds, their best use, the ways we work, and the research undertaken. We acknowledge the climate crisis and our responsibility to reflect, react and play a leadership role in shaping and influencing the environmental impacts of the projects funded.

The CFI’s investments in science and research generate not only knowledge and discovery, but they also contribute to expanding research and job opportunities for the next generation of Canadian researchers, technicians and entrepreneurs. The theme of The Next Generation invites insights about how investments in science and research can support the development, recruitment and retention of promising domestic and international research talent at a time of institutional and demographic changes occurring in Canadian science and research. This theme also encompasses how best to support the development of future scientific and research talent among Indigenous people and other underrepresented groups.

This theme is also about ensuring how best to support and build this capacity across all regions and, in particular, organizations that have not benefited from CFI support previously.

Understanding how to develop and sustain researchers across their whole career is important for the CFI if it is to adapt its programs to be more effective in supporting institutional and individual realities. This theme embraces the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion and emphasizes how we can make all researchers from every background feel welcome and supported throughout their entire career.

For 25 years, the CFI has enabled Canada’s research ecosystem to rise to global leadership by delivering research support on behalf of the federal government to modernize, acquire, develop, operate or maintain research infrastructures in Canada or to benefit from access to research infrastructures worldwide.

The theme of Delivering for the Community seeks insights into how the CFI can better structure its activities to meet the needs of the research community that it supports at a time of change in how institutions and their funders operate.

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