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A head and shoulders profile of a tawny-coloured lynx with a white chin and tuft of black fur visible at top of one pointed ear,  against a grey blurry background.
Sep 18, 2015
Trent University’s Dennis Murray pairs the movements of bobcat, snowshoe hare, lynx and coyote with genetic data to study how these iconic Canadian animals respond to environmental hazards of the present, and how they might fare in the future
3D rendering of a white unmanned aerial vehicle flying in the sky with blue sky and clouds in the background.
Sep 15, 2015
The University of Victoria’s Afzal Suleman is building a drone to prospect for valuable minerals from the sky, potentially sparing mining companies the significant cost and risk of finding new mines.
Sep 01, 2015
Queen’s University’s Reactor Materials Testing Laboratory tests the materials used to build nuclear reactors to make them safer and more efficient
Aug 17, 2015
The University of Toronto’s Sajeev John set out to answer the fundamental question of how to trap and control light. Once he did, it opened the door for boundless commercial applications, from medicine to telecommunications.