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Helping industry stay ahead of the game

A university-industry partnership ensures the hearing impaired get the best care and service
January 11, 2013

Much like cell phones and computers, hearing aids are replaced with new models within months of being released on the market. Companies like Unitron, a leading global provider of hearing instruments with distribution in over 60 countries, have to refresh their entire product line almost every two years to remain competitive. The only hearing aid company with headquarters in Canada, Unitron employs over 170 people in its Kitchener office and relies heavily on research and development to keep its devices at the leading edge.

Unitron has a five-year partnership with the National Centre for Audiology (NCA) at Western University in London, Ont., to support its efforts. The NCA is a centre of excellence in hearing science with applications in health care and industry. It is helping manufacturers like Unitron create better tools and procedures for diagnosing hearing impairment and evaluate new technologies and procedures to help people with hearing loss. Its researchers also collaborate with clinical providers and professional organizations to improve hearing health care and develop better health care policies. The alliance between the NCA and Unitron helps both parties remain strong players in the industry by promoting the latest in technological breakthroughs and giving the hearing impaired the best products available.