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Illustration of two yellow pencils in the form of a double helix against a stark background.

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Artist’s 3D rendering of electric impulses traveling through neurons
Jan 19, 2016
Western University’s Adrian Owen uses brain imaging to communicate with patients in a vegetative state to better determine how aware they are
Three rows of colourfully shaded 3D triangular and polygonal shapes on a light background
Jan 12, 2016
A University of Toronto spin-off finds success in commercializing new drug development technology
Triangular traffic sign with red outline and exclamation mark in the foreground and a blue sky in the background.
Jan 06, 2016
Ocean Networks Canada’s new earthquake early-warning system sets up
Jan 04, 2016
The University of Saskatchewan’s Lynn Weber is studying the benefits of peas, lentils and fava beans to the health of our canine friends