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Innovation Fund


Note: This competition is now closed. The CFI Board of Directors made the decisions in March 2015.


The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) is pleased to announce the Call for proposals for the 2015 Innovation Fund (IF) Competition:

 “Striving for global leadership and reaping the benefits

For this competition, the CFI challenges institutions to propose transformative infrastructure projects that will underpin cutting-edge research and will have a structuring effect on Canada’s research landscape. The CFI is also challenging institutions to continue to make strategic choices and set priorities that build on their distinct advantages. Through the 2015 Innovation Fund, the CFI seeks to support promising and innovative directions in research or technology development in areas where Canada currently is, or has the potential to be, competitive on the global stage. The CFI will support initiatives that allow institutions and their researchers to build on and enhance an emerging strategic priority area, accelerate current research and technology development work or take established capabilities to a globally competitive level.


The objectives of the 2015 Innovation Fund are to enable institutions and their best researchers to:

  • Strive for global leadership by conducting world-class transformative research and technology development in areas of institutional strategic priority;
  • Forge and foster productive, value-added partnerships within and among institutions, sectors and disciplines that will nurture creativity and innovation which will result in the effective and sustainable use of the research infrastructure and facilities; 
  • Identify and develop plans and potential pathways to social, health, environmental and economic benefits for Canada, including better training and improved skills for highly qualified personnel.