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CFI Online

The CFI Awards Management System (CAMS) is a secure Web portal that allows eligible research institutions to apply for CFI funding, upload supporting documents, collaborate with other researchers to submit proposals, and view the progress of and decisions on their proposals.

Current Opportunities

John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF)
JELF October 15, 2014
JELF - CRC October 10, 2014
JELF - NSERC (Industrial Research Chairs) Anytime
JELF - SSHRC, Insight Grants October 15, every year
JELF - SSHRC, Partnership Grants February 2014
JELF - CERC Anytime
College-Industry Innovation Fund
Stream 2 – CCI-IE competition 12
May 30, 2014 (Letter of Intent)
October 31, 2014 (Proposal)
College-Industry Innovation
Fund Stream 1
Infrastructure only January 16, 2015 (Notice of intent )
May 15, 2015 (Proposal)


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